Solving the Trash Problem


I have read many ideas for solving trash in blockheads like trash pits, but that still lets grievers make things like signs and workbenches stay put. I feel that maybe there should be a timer on how long trash will stay in a spot before disappearing. I know there is a couple kinks in this system, but maybe having it disappear in three to five days would make a lot of problems like grieved houses never occur. Let me know what you think!


There’s already a despawn item timer.

  • Most items should despawn in a day.
  • Some items like safes may take longer to despawn.
  • Fruits fall to the ground and then despawn after a certain season cycle.

I still remember when some people asked everybody to meditate for a day to pass for baskets to despawn. That’s when people spam the 99 baskets button prior to 1.7.


@GoodGradesBoy Oh. I knew fruits despawned, but I haven’t seen things like sign or workbenches do so. Maybe I just didn’t notice. Thanks for telling me!