Some custom settings in survival mode and maybe a few new ones


What I am going to suggest is some things that you can change in survival if you are looking to change some rules. These will be ports from custom but will be limited.

Here are the ones I think should be in vanilla :slight_smile:

-Max blockhead settings (minimum is 1-3 and Max is 5)
-Trade portal settings (Free is disabled and not there) (jobs are togglable)
-Sun color
-Seeds (Time crystals will be affected with this setting. And will not spawn in same locations but will make it so you can have the same map :slight_smile: )
-Portal chest settings (enable/disable)
-World modification
-Teleportation setting.
-Meditation settings
-Gem pickaxe and gold bed settings (would be in custom and survival) (can be enabled/disabled)
-ownership sign settings (expand enabled/disabled) (sign disabled/enabled) (both custom and survival)


This suggestion gets a thumbs up from me! :+1:


I want this added. Also how would the disabling gem picks work?


Why not just give custom portal chest, and call it done?
From my takeaway, if this was implemented, the only thing custom would have over vanilla is tool/armor decay, blockhead health, and controling trade portal economy

All of those, while useful, just don’t stack up to all the controls being added to vanilla when combined with portal chest

I’ve always thought of custom as “customizing the experience” while survival was playing the game normally (normal as in the players having no control over the world itself), which is why I can’t say I find this to be a good idea


The problem is that some players have tried to customize their vanilla/survival play. Their portal chest brings stuff onto the survival worlds that doesn’t belong there. If world owners had the option of turning off the portal chest or making it staff only this might solve this issue.


COol idea.