Some ideas about stopping tc hackers/hackers?

I guess Majic Jungle Software (actual company that owns The Blockheads) has no profits from this game due to giant amount of tc hackers and pirated servers. Why you guys dont start banning anyone who make pirated servers/hack tc or just make tc a bit cheaper?

I already know that dave is working on the game Sapiens,but why not work at this after the release of Sapiens?

They already fixed the glitch in 1.7. The game is already past it’s prime anyway. (Noodlecake manages the Samsung one.)

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That isn’t true. They’re just the publisher for the Android version. Majic Jungle Software is the company that technically owns the game.


I thought that noodle cake owned the game :lol:

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Noodle cake is the android side of support.

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There’s a way to Majic Jungle put an anti-cheat on the game,but i dont know how to.

Also i just purchased 200 tc to upgrade my trade portal and spawn a second blockhead :slight_smile:

There is a way, but you don’t know how? :question:

There should be a bot that monitors all suspicious activity like: seeing a unknown item,seeing random scripts .ect

It is more complicated than that.

I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. We aren’t.

The loophole that allows piracy was blocked, but the fix caused problems that affected user experience, so Dave removed it.

the game is at its standing point, it’s not quite dead but it is much less active than it was back in the day, leaving less point to this, especially due to the current credit type

the truth for every good game is that no matter what you do to stop a certain thing you don’t want people to do, there will ALWAYS be a new way around it, there’s really only one way to deal with that

the point of bug fixes and the like is often to prevent those new ways, it has to be countered, it can’t always be prevented with one update or even multiple updates within a smaller amount of time

point is, if you see a bug, this is why report it, so that one can be patched, and if further conduct of cheating or tweaking (ect) appears, you’ll be able to report that as well

Are you sure about that? People still appear to be pirating time crystals/world credit through other methods.

Yes, totally sure:

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Okay then, my bad. I must’ve been thinking of a different method. :thinking:

There’s ways around that patch with something called “LocalAPIStore” makes a certain type of in game purchases free. I noticed that some hackers can’t create worlds or add credit to out of time servers and some can with that tweak. Along with that I actually have a discord that was dedicated to good hackers and when we found a bad hacker we would get online and teach players how to defeat them. Recently a new hacked by the name of “crash” came out. On a normal basis this wouldn’t be an issue you could just ban them. But while this hack is active as soon as they press join server the hack beings it’s attack on the server. Any commands ran within the server or console will not work. The only way to beat those types of hackers is to quickly either spam the ban (have it copy and pasted) until it works. Or lock down the server with a password (not sure if the password will actually take during the attack) now with one hit kill and god, only a hacker can stop them. They them selves have to enable one hit and god and kick the player during the “away” time hackers hacks are gone until they press join server again. This allows a hacker to kill that player over and over if they have good timing preventing them from attacking or hacking until they basically leave the server alone.