Some really cool ideas I had about the game


So, imagine you’re playing with friends online when someone decides to take your stuff. What will you do? You can use some of these ideas to help protect your thing or just have a really cool base!

Idea 1: This is an old trick I like to use… doors.
Did you know if you line up multiple doors on the same type of block it looks like a wall? I use this trick with both trap and normal doors to make secret passageways. The only two flaws are, when you make a corner leading up or down you have to leav a big hole that players can see, the other is that players can still see the door on the sides of blocks.

The following ideas are things I want in the game.

Idea 2: false blocks. False blocks could be used in all sorts of ways. They could be used for secret passageways, or used for artificial boundaries in multiplayer by giving access to certain people. False blocks would also blend in with surrounding blocks. To craft, they would be 5 wood, 1 dirt, and 1 iron bar in a woodwork bench.

Idea 3: semi-solid blocks. Semi-solids could be used for base protection as well as defense from monsters like drop bears chasing after the player. Imaging something like a rope or half-block over lava, the blockheads could sprint right across while some random drop bear would fall through and die.

I’m planning on adding more here soon, but this is what I have for now.


Hey,mind if you separate your ideas into 3 different topics and under the #suggestions category?thanks!


The first one should stay under #general-discussion or #tips-guides.


Moving your thread into suggestions. Each of your suggestions should go into a separate thread. If it gains likes from the community the developer notices. Separate threads lets the developer know which idea the community likes.


You mean like platforms in Terraria?


Similar, but not quite


Half blocks had a good description but what do false blocks do?

Is it like doors and trapdoors where they are simply. Locks that take on the appearance of nearby blocks? And other than being cheap, what else can it do?