Some tips on dropbears


this thread contains a few tips for dropbears ive found over my play time for blockheads. sorry for them being short in length, theyre all pretty easy to explain :stuck_out_tongue:


most of you already know this one.

if you dont want dropbears to attack you at night, then all you have to do is place any light source near the tree and they will not attack you.


if you ride a donkey, and pass under a tree, dropbears will not attack you.


similar to the donkeys, if you ride a jetpack and pass under a tree, the dropbear will not attack you. the only exception to this is if youre directly on the ground with the jetpack on or if you attack it with a melee attack.


If you want to hunt a dropbear with a guarantee of not being hurt, one way is to climb a tree close by it and hitting it with a bow. it will not drop down and attack you since youre not on the ground or directly next to it.


another way to stop a dropbear from attacking you is being on a block that is at least two blocks below or above the next closest block to the tree. it will not be able to reach you as it isnt able to climb blocks that steep.

i will add more if i remember them :slight_smile:

The almost complete list of guides

Ooh! Ooh! Dropbears can’t survive in half block or higher water!
Same with scorpions. :slight_smile:


Exactly what I did to kill these.


Lol that is a LOT of Dropbears!


I was thinking the same thing! LOL. You must have something powerful (iron sword? Titanium?) to kill all those at once :eek:


Wow, those dropbear will die very soon! :mad: you dont love nature.



i’m sure some have already found what i have found about dropbears by myself in sp world:

if you really hate them, just dig the root – that is, the block right under the trunk of the pine tree. this will kill the tree and any dropbear clinging to it. but this way, you also lose all sticks that might have fallen if you did not kill the tree. if you have armor you can just chop them at the base of trunk, then kill anything that runs. then harvest wood and sticks. but even without armor, you can be safe even with pine tree nearby if you dig 2-blocks deep holes on either side of the base of trunk – that way, even if you stand right under the bear, even at night, IT WILL NEVER DROP. **they only drop when they sense another tree they can climb onto when they fall **but since there’re holes they can’t drop. of course you have to do this during the day when they’re not roaming about. then at night you can feel safe in your little cave even without doors. you can farm pine trees AND dropbears for fur and leather this way–as soon as your trees reach the height you want and as soon as dropbears and pine cones have appeared, just stand on the block beside the hole then chop trunk at the base. wait for everything to fall including dropbears. the bears sit like ducks on the dirt where you just cut the trees cause they can’t cross. dont worry if you’re hanging by the edge of the hole when you do this–they still won’t hurt you. then using anything even your bare hands, whack at the bears til they die and give you their stuff, then lastly pick up the wood and sticks and replant the cones. if you’re lazy enough to pick up cones and replant, you can also increase the height of your “ledge” by stacking two blocks (where you stand when you are about to chop the tree) then chop the trunk, leaving a 1-block stump. then whack-a-bear til they die then collect your wood. the stump will just grow again to a tree, and if it’s growing on compost it will never die and always give you tons of wood and dropbear stuff.

if it sounds confusing i can post a screenshot of what it looks like.