SOME tulips

image image image image image image image

Does any one think that any of these are going to become a different color soon and if so which color


I think the bottom one will change soon. Not sure which color though.

They don’t change colour. They produce seeds which display new colour traits. There’s no way to know. Just harvest, put bulb back, and plant new seed somewhere else to see what it is.

Oh? I must’ve read a tulip guide with false facts then.

I think you must have. They can produce seeds that differ from the parent plant, but the parent plant (bulbs) is unchanged. Nothing changes in any given organism in The Blockheads. Only offspring vary from their progenitors.


Third from the bottom looks like a zombie tulip not gonna lie.

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I’m trying the solid black tulip.


Good luck.

Fantastic colour arrangement you have there. Keep planting the seeds and you may get a hybrid with either black or brown base/tip and maybe a pure black mutation will occur too :tulip:


Thx for your suggestion😁
Finally I got the black one.
Now I’m working on the green tulip.