Somebody just made a massive discovery!

What are your thoughts on this discovery? :what:


Well well well wumbo looks like you and att just released a new update! I remember seeing this on another server where one of the owner BH was glitched and just didn’t have a name or exist. you can’t hit him or interact with him right? Anyway this could make for some cool ideas… I might train one to make me steam generators jk… unless :what:

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I never realized this was a thing either, and now I’m sad I can’t make any. Funny coincidence, though, I was just in a conversation about wanting to add fellow BH enemies.


Pog, i thought it was some sort of update or something that can revive the game lol.

Well it’s still cool

I don’t think anything can revive the game.

Thing is new players don’t like it because impatient attitude.

I’ll keep experimenting with it and update here! :slight_smile:

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Okay, great! Thanks for your discovery! :cheerful:

RP servers revolution

wish I could run it

um guys blockheads don’t need a revive it is fine.

And this is awesome discovery…

Welcome to the community. Take this please (I had to hide it from TSA) :cookie:

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okay thank u

Well, yes…

…but actually no.

Yeah, welcome to the community! :smiley:

As a side note, I didn’t know you were trying to hide a cookie from the Transportation Security Administration! :airplane:

it was at this moment the precarious doom of all the blockhead soldiers was confirmed true, as millions of big-headed pixel people cried out in pain, neiling to the infinite power of the legion of role players, the immortal beings responsible for all chaos in the blockhead multiverse, server to server, world to world, the blockheads administration can hear the screams and interject, ensuring a sure victory against the brutality that was about to happen, it was at that moment that millions of big-headed pixel people cried out in victory, as the sun sets, a new era begins, where peace and quiet is priceless, and sanctuary is a guarantee for the remainder of a harsh existence on planet Earth


wow cool feature, i didn’t know it existed either

Uhm spinal… are you okay?

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No, my spinal cord just snapped in half. :dead:

Oh, okay. You were talking to @courageous.spinal. Oops! :lol:

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i believe i felt my spinal cord falling, unlikely

No wumbo I fell down a tree hitting my back on every branch on the way down. Then my back slammed against a tree root at the bottom pretty sure my spine is in more pieces than a lego Death Star.