Someone griefed my friend server


someone name called [redacted] had destroyed my friend server and I hope u can rollback.i have send an email too but blokhead manager are not responding to my email😢


I’m sorry this has happened to you. milla the community manager usually works more on the weekends but you will probably get an email back soon.


When bro I’m waiting for 3/4 days


I take weekends, then finished early yesterday sick. I will get to your email later today. Please don’t post in others’ threads about this.

As an aside, your friend will have to contact me. I can only help you with worlds you own.


Please remove the name as it falls under naming and shaming


Good point. Redacted.

Please flag in future.


Three to four days? That seems like a very long time for someone to not reply to an email.


It’s three, max. I cleared the queue before I stopped working on Friday. It’s not long at all. I don’t clear the support queue when I’m not working.


Ah, got it!


I don’t think owner can contact u but her user is [redacted]


Just ask her to contact me, please. If she can’t then maybe a parent of hers.


Y can’t u read the log and take action
SERVER NAME = kyromx gaming
OWNER. = $~kyromx~$


I think Milla wants more than just the log.


Call her?


I think I may have just replied to your email, but as I wasn’t sure I have responded as though it’s an unknown customer. The email was sent the day before yesterday, which was my Sunday.