Someone help me with this problem!


I am trying to join my favorite server, a guild isle. However, it always just waits for a long time, and then says “disconnected” My internet is fine, though. And yes, I have forgotten the world and tried searching it up. Nothing works. What else can I do?

Edit: In fact, now I can’t even join any server!


Weird, I just joined the world without any issues. Are you sure your connection/internet provider is okay?


Are you using cellular data?


are you block all port? you need port forwading as least 80 and 443.

Also if you not working, try the to join mac server. if you can join mac server, mybe thiers a probem at connection to amazon aws server. (because blockheads cloud server are use amazon aws for hosting) if mac server is also not working, seem a probem with blockheads, try join server from another device. if working, seem a probem with the app. try reinstall if this happen. if from booth device is not working, seem a issue with the connection from you.

(edit: in my router, the 80 and 443 is automaticly forwarded byself)


I also am not having a problem connecting to cloud worlds. Try closing out all your open apps on your home page and restarting your device. It may be a problem with your device if you cannot open or join any worlds at all. Closing the app and restarting the device might fix it.


Uhhhhhhh… what? No. Port forwarding is used to forward incoming traffic on port X to a device inside your network (still on port X). You don’t need any forwarding setup to talk to external IPs on port 80/443/whatever.

Even if you did - he posted on the forum which is using HTTPS - port 443.

Some firewalls do block outgoing traffic on uncommon ports, which would prevent access to cloud servers since the cloud servers generally use ports 10000-60000… but I highly doubt this is his issue. I’ve only seen one person with this problem on their local network in the whole time I’ve been playing… me.

Uhhhhh… no. Blockheads does not use Amazon AWS. I can’t recall what is used off the top of my head, but it’s not AWS. Will report back once I can check.

Don’t recommend this if there’s any other possible solution. Reinstalling will wipe all single player worlds, portal chest contents, and time crystals… and if it’s a network issue, won’t even help.

@OP I recommend following Shariu’s advice first. If that doesn’t work report back and we might be able to help more.


My issue has resolved. I deleted it, waited a long time, and downloaded it again. I am now back to playing a guild isle. Join me if you’d like


That’s good news, though it’s an extreme solution.

My first suggestion would be a reboot, as Ronnie did in the other thread. The world is in active use now, and has been quite busy today.

Another thing to try is joining with a different in-game name. It may be that there’s a problem with your original game data for that world, and this would indicate how likely that is.


but someone say Cloud server are use amazon aws for hosting


I dont think the cloud is hosted by Amazon AWS…I forgot the name of the host…


Milla, I think @Sugarflop is having the same problem.


Sorry if this sounds wierd, but how long did you wait?
I redownlaoded after ten minutes. I am geussing that was too short a time to be effective :sweat_smile:


I waited for a few hours. 3 probably. :wink:


I don’t think the wait time is a huge concern,the results will be same regardless.


Usually when you delete the app everything resets: such as time crystal and you need to re join servers in your accounts.
Currently on re download everything is the same.


Did you try to join with a different IGN as milla suggested above?


We archive inactive worlds to storage, and if I remember correctly we do or did use AWS for that. Our actual cloud platform is hosted at Linode.


ok, im understand