Someone murdered my tamed cave troll in a protected server


I know who did it too but have no proof. They are the only user name in the show player list since I logged in. Hacked twice in one week. If this kinda garbage continues happening I’m gonna stop feeding my server credit. The troll was there one minute in an enclosed area and when I returned a few moments later it was gone. On a protected server!


Your issue might not be because of a player. People have posted about cave trolls disappearing because of a bug.


I haven’t ridden him in two months. He has been inside a walled area.


I honestly think the hacker did it in this case. I heard the server was damaged in various ways by this hacker.

I have seen a case where it had disappeared, even without riding it though.


I’m fed up with this. I should head for the mountains this week. No WiFi up there.


You could ask Milla for a rollback to get your cave troll back if it’s that precious to you.


Cave trolls are in fact very rare. I’m not losing even more progress just to get it back. That is not the point. Non sequitur.


There has been a hacker, [Redacted] who completely destroyed Sunset Moon and killed both my guys. he has an IP scrambler so he can unban himself and cause a trashstorm. Watch out and be afraid :cry::eek:


Please remove the hacker’s username, naming and shamming is not allowed on the forums. If anything PM the name to Milla with any info you have.




Maybe your cave troll killed by your staff or hacker no clue or proof but might be isn’t that odd your cave troll went gone for no reason.


Admin protected server. I have a small staff. One owner one admin. Mama Food Supply. Three moderators. Brother Rabbit, Eels! and Alonefoxy. Only admin and owner can break walls in a protected server. MFS is a saint and a gentleman. This was the work of a hacker that can walk through walls. I’ve seen it done awhile back on other servers.




I have informed my staff of the culprit along with their IP address. I won’t say here.


Okay thanks for reminding GGB


Alright. Good luck!


Luck is an outdated superstition. I’m trying to whitewash it from my collective memory. What a silly tradition.


This is very sad to hear, @FreewayKiller. Yes, you couldn’t have a more trustworthy admin. I would say roll it back (unless you’ve been building like crazy). Why not?

I’d also whitelist that server so you don’t need to deal with that hacker again. Don’t deal with that aggravation.


Right. I’m just not having a very high turn out. It’s public to get more players. I should whitelist though. One cave troll isn’t worth losing more progress. We are building like crazy. I still have to replace public electric benches we lost at the recent roll back.


Some Admin on my server turned on my back. Then he sends some of his hacker freinds to mess up the server, then as admin he trys to make a description saying that he owns it.