Someone took over and banned all of the admin, help!


Long story short, my world “SMALL DESERT” has been taken over by a malicious player and they have banned all of the admins and mods, including me. They’ve banned our IP’s too. I messaged a super admin but no reply yet. Can anyone help?!


Maybe @milla can help you.


This was on your server, you say?

You can’t be banned if you’re the owner.


Ok, not my server, but the server that I pretty much run since the owner has been MIA for months. Yes, I messaged Milla, no reply yet. I fear that they are destroying the place… :neutral_face:


Theres probably a lot of worlds named SMALL DESERT


SMALL DESERT by Britton363


Thank goodness there’s only two admins on my friends server. Me and brother rabbit.

Sorry to hear what happened to you.


Since you don’t own the server I don’t think there in much Milla can do for you unfortunately.

Where these players hackers or just rogue admins? Cuz situations like this are why you need to careful about who you give the admin role to.


ASYC helped me out, thanks. And yes you’re right about adminning people, I didn’t think this would be a problem but I was proven wrong lol. Thanks again.


Small Desert (by Britton) is now back open, and has 7 more days of credit. Thanks again to @asyc for fixing it!


The owner has not been MIA for months. They were on a few weeks back. I’m sorry, but I’m removing your admin, and sending a message to the world owner. If you wish to run worlds please create your own, or get the owner to contact me to change ownership. I am happy to transfer your credit elsewhere, if you wish, but we don’t just hand over authority to players on worlds they don’t own, without explicit owner instruction to do so.

Edit: I note that the alterations made were extensive and am rolling the world back. This should restore all staff and settings anyway. The griefer has been cloud banned.


I didn’t mean any offense, really… I’m sorry if I came off in an arrogant way. I didn’t mean to say “my server” as if I own it, I don’t. Britton asked me to help him build and run Small Desert as his first admin back when he first made it. I have made friends playing there, and I think of it as my BH home, of sorts. I haven’t talked to Britton for a really long time, and so I feel like I have to look out for it and protect it myself. Please accept my apology, Milla, I really am a responsible admin.



Absolutely no offense taken, but you might be surprised how many people do exactly what you did here, purely to attempt to hijack or convince me to give them worlds they have no right to. Your guy just talked a player into adminning him, and it wasn’t difficult. Many go much further and pretend they are co-owner on a world or have been gifted it. I can’t help them, or any genuine player who really has been gifted a world, unless the owner of record contacts me to verify the state of affairs. I have to protect the rights of world owners from those trying to take over their worlds, which is why we don’t act unless the owner asks us to.


I understand completely! And I apologise for being “that guy”… :pensive: