Something is wrong w my world

After visiting all the poles,
Digging to the core a lot
And finding sky islands
I’ve only found 5 golden chests
No titanium
No platinum
And no diamonds

Any advice?

Just keep trying, dig more and try grinding. That way there you will get lucky. :slight_smile:

Oh ya I just realized there’s no gravel here either

You craft gravel out of stone, it is not naturally found block.

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I think they have gravel mixed up with stone.

You can still get those items that are ‘missing’ in your world

You mine normal stone with a GOLDEN pickaxe.

Is it a singleplayer or multiplayer world?

To craft gravel, you need to crush stone at the electric press. The electric pressure can be found at the level four workbench*.

You can then use the gravel at a sluice, also in the level four workbench*.

*Workbench level may be different in expert mode.

Use extra blockheads and meditate* for this item. Though rare, you may be lucky.

You can also use a gold pickaxe/spade and mine some stone. Or you can mine ore with a gold tool for a higher chance. The rarer the ore, the more likely you are to get a diamond. Luck based.

*meditation only available in regular mode.

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