Something strange that happened

one day I was on a blockheads world (1), that I was admin on, and a hacker (1) came I don’t remember thier name, and I went to get more people on the world so I went to a different world. it was just like any other world, people where chatting, but there was no advertising, so I left. I went to another world (2), and there was a lot of people but all of them where away and I saw no previous chat of someone advertising. So I went to another world (3) and same thing happed there where a lot of people but there where all away, but this time I saw a hacker (2) floating in mid air (also away) it wasn’t the same hacker (1) on my world though and that’s it I just went back to the other world I was in before, and the hacker (1) was just messing around, making me mad but I fixed that world (1). So what happed to those two worlds anyone know? And can a hacker ban other people if there not mod or admin, and can they make themselves mod or admin, also did I put this I the wrong category, I put bug as a tag, too. This happened a while ago so I don’t remember too much about it

Only moderators and administrators can ban other people. Someone can access your Owner Portal though if the password to it can be easily guessed.

Edit: and in that way ban people without even having to be mods/admins. But most incidents like an “outsider” banning players is actually just either the owner or a staff member playing a “prank” on others online.

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I have heard of this (likely myth). People say “hackers” can admin themselves and ban people but I have yet to see such a thing happen.

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If a hacker did that then ur dominated

Hackers cant admin or mod themself and they cant ban you :unamused:

Actually, they can. I’ve rarely seen an occasion where somebody joins as an admin, and has the power of an admin. He admined other people, and banned a few others. I’m pretty sure this is entirely possible, but not as likely as something like tc piracy or hacked items such as Woven Flax Mats, Unknowns, or Colored Pole Items.

I had a hacker that greifed some of my protected areas when I accidentally left my server open just last week

i think change of IP make them admin(i dont really know)

It’s probably a hack patch, people have mentioned it’s possible with some sort of cracked application.