Somewhat Disappointed

I’ve been looking for some decent and active servers. So far, when I search for servers either using the “Join Random World” button or simply using the search feature, all I can find are Anime, Roleplay, and unorganized servers. I’ve been joining some worlds on the forums, but they’re all inactive from my experience.

I 100% support that Dave fixed the whole Free TC ordeal, but sometimes I think that it made the amount of servers drop drastically. I would never want Free TC to return. I only want there to be more servers to choose from.

There is only one server that I know I will actually be returning to, because it’s active and organized.

If anyone knows any servers that are active and organized (decently selected staff, good rules etc.), please let me know.

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Try searching the #multiplayer category. You’ll find loads of great servers there!

Maybe you haven’t looked enough. I found nice popular servers using the Random World Option.

Giants is active, so are many others on forums. Kep looking.


@Reverse try some of these.
Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

I’m also very surprised that so many people talk about getting placed in anime servers. Of the numerous times that I have used the world spinner to find random worlds, I have landed on an anime server ONCE. I just tried to see if things have changed, joined 6 random worlds in a row, and not once was it an anime server. I don’t get it. (None were anime or roleplay and they looked quite established and organized. I’m thinking that I might go back and see if they should be added to the list above).

I think you’ve had bad luck maybe the list will help. If not, PM me, and I can suggest a number that you should check out

The overall activity everywhere does seem like it dropped quite a bit after the update. I rarely see anyone online on the worlds on my spinner.

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Anime/role play servers are… weird.
-95% of blockheads population

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Probably because a lot of them were angry about the update.

Might be a naive thing to say, but I do think that some of it is coincidental. I have been incredibly busy at work, and I know several people are on vacation, and others had graduations/end of school celebrations/finals/etc.

But, yes, I’ve noticed lately it’s been more quiet.

:sweat_smile: Hehe, totally not my server…

Been on a server when I gave items to a friend and have seen people appear sometimes. Some random and other sound like they were regulars.

Most of the time the server could be empty but be online long enough, there is a time where people start to appear. Usually two or three.

NOw we have to wait for those people who kept assuring everyone that players will stay after the 1,7 update to explain to us why this is happening… ahem ahem those people seem to have disappeared from the forums themselves too

Yeah to be honest to me it seems right now that the angry players’ predictions were correct that many players would leave???

At least in my case the absence is not due to the change in server credit, but to the disappointment about the update. So many bugs and glitches, lag is worse than ever. The good things that have been added, like not being able to teleport to other players portals or the “discovery” of TP items, can be circumvented… Add to that the destruction of all challenges that comes with dodo breeding. Multiplayer is no longer fun for me.


Excellent point.

Think of it this way: people get a few minutes of free time. Do they play a nice, lag-free game, or do they play a game that crashes every few minutes and is too laggy?