Sorry, back to school is cancelled because


i just had this amazing thought…
what if there was no school because something happened?
this is the game where you decide what happened.
I’ll start: it got cancelled because a dog pooped graffiti all over it


because of school shootings


Because school is stupid


Because of a flood.


Because of a tornado.


Because the school was griefed.

The griefer is now banned, though.


Because the griefer who got banned is the school principle.


Because the fire nation attacked.


Because everyone is brain dead now and we will never think again


Because someone painted the entire school a weird unidentified color and the school now has to clean it up (because the paint is extremely ugly) not knowing that the paint is uncleanable


Because the principal is also a college student and doesn’t like school either


Sorry Luckily, back to school is cancelled because VolcanoFlame said so.


Because of a very unfortunate incident involving fireworks, and the second floor bathroom.


Because someone graffitied the loss meme all over the walls and the school needs to clean them.


because I farted and everyone within a 20938477623054253451 mile radius died


I honestly don’t know. Something happened which destroyed the school and injured thousands and killed 10’s of millions in the process :confused:

All I heard when it happened we’re 7 Booms.


Because their was a school shooting and most of the teachers died. School will start back up when the teachers are replaced.
Sadly, this is more likely to happen…


I farted in the school and caused a worldwide black out from the bombers. Pun intended


Because a big meteorite hit the school.


Dear parents/guardians and students,
School at [INCERT SCHOOL DISTRICT HERE] has been canceled because of inconvenience in the school board. As you might have heard, the superintendent recently quit his job due to [INCERT REASON HERE]. He refused to work for the schools because of this. The board is trying to find a reasonable replacement, but it doesn’t seem as if we will have one in one time. Therefor, school will resume in the [INCERT SCHOOL YEAR HERE] year. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may caused. If you have questions, contact me at [INCERT PHONE NUMBER HERE].
Best regards,