Sorting Your Items!

So, we all (probably) know that with the update version 1.3.0 of blockheads, we now have signs! Yes, signs can be a good way to organize your items, but we also know that they take up 2-3 blocks of space, so we can’t have one sign under/above each chest. We have to do something like this:

Basically what that shows is a sign under 3 chests, and it says:
L: Misc
M: Blocks
R: Foods
Meaning on the left above the sign there is miscellaneous items, in the middle above the sign there are blocks, and on the right above the sign there are foods. This can be a bit more annoying when we have more than one kind of thing in chests, because we can’t say “M: Blocks, Food, and Tools” and have that all fit in one line. So here’s my suggestion for you.
Don’t use signs to label your chests. Use shelves, the other new thing. With shelves we can label our chests by having one shelf above each chest, and then we put the same type of item in the shelf as in the chest, because shelves, despite being able to hold fewer items than chests, do let you see the items in them. So if you have a chest with blocks, food, and tools, you could put 1 stack of blocks, 1 stack of food, and 2 stacks of tools (or something like that). This also lets you store more items than using a sign. And you may be thinking “I could make another chest and store a bunch more items with that wood.” Well it takes one wood to make a sign too.

As you may see, I have put a few miscellaneous items in the shelf above the chest of miscellaneous items - in this case a stack of sticks, a machete, a pigment, and a stack of flax. Above the chest of blocks and ingots (ingots didnt fit in the sign, you may have noticed,) are 3 stacks of blocks and 1 stack of ingots. In the shelf above the chest of foods are 3 stacks of foods (I could have fit four if I’d wanted), and in the shelf above the 5th chest I put some gems, ores, coal, and coins - the four item-types of things in that chest.

And that concludes this thread. Hope you all like it!

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It’s a clever idea! It can be useful when you have a small number of items in the chest, and your chest is not only filled with one type of items, like stones. For a chest filled with one type only, signs can still be used, and carefully placing the sign can make it take up less space (from 3 blocks to 2 blocks.)

How to do that?
First, you need to remove a block next to what you want to place your sign on.
If you place the sign where there is only one adjacent block,

It takes up 2 blocks.

Right after, place back the block that was temporarily removed.

Compare with this,

which takes up 3 blocks.


Yes, and you can do this but you (a) dont have as much space, (b) the sign doesn’t give as much information of what is in the chest, and © it still has 2 spaces it takes up, so your chests can’t all be side-by-side, so you micpght as well make it be centered - in my opinion, things that are centered look a lot better.

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