Space Colonization

I have an idea! Space / Planetary Conquest would add more to the game it would work by the [PLAYER] Making a rocket, Space Suit, etc. Then they would have to fuel their rocket to launch. And they could choose a planet to go to Ex: If the player wanted to go to Mars they could just click it and if they met the requirements they could. They could be given a Tutorial of how it works and they could choose the moon as a starting planet, And They could terraform colonize etc. It could possibly create a boom in popularity. But you know it’s just a suggestion.

Recipe For Rocket
5 steel
3 titanium
4 Copper Wires

Recipe Of Suit
7 Fabric
3 Titanium
2 Copper Wires
1 Jetpack (Optional)


this is what I want to see in the game


would there be aliens? would they be hostile? what about weather?

We’ll Let The Developers Decide (There will most likely be aliens since it wouldn’t really be a challenge without them)

There should be another planet when we reach the max height and we need special equipment to reach there.

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What’s the point of the #suggestions category then?

Ooooo…we could make a Mars rover!

In effect, you’re creating a new world. You can already do that. If you want to continue with this one I recommend differentiating it materially from just having more than one world.