Spaces not showing


When i was makeing a suggestion i noticed that once i created the thread all of the spaces in front of my paragraphs did not show. It now it looks terribly confusing to readers, is there any way for me to fix this?


                             This?           Use   instead of space.

Confusing, I know :lol:




This is intentional - markdown parsers generally strip extra spaces as they aren’t needed.

I have to ask, why do you want to indent paragraphs? This is the internet, not an English paper. If you leave a blank space between lines when you start a new paragraph, it will be separated as it is easy to tell it is a new paragraph.


Well actually they weren’t paragraphs, but I couldn’t find the correct words to discribe exactly what i was useing the spaces for and useing the word “paragraph” still got the message across so i just used it instead.


heres some code for indent.

                                 Paragraph text
some more

use this:

                                 Paragraph text
some more```