Spacing of each tree

I’m thinking of making a multi-layered tree farm with each floor being a different tree, but i was wondering what the spacing should be between each tree type, like apple, mango, ect

By that I mean how many blocks between each trunk

The closest you can place them is one block between each tree to produce fruit. If that helps any

You cannot put them right next to each other?

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If theres no space between fruit trees they don’t produce fruit at all

Fruits do not grow on the wood part (the trunk) of a tree but it should occasionally still grow on the one block of leaves above the trunk (on trees with max height)

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I mean whats an ideal spacing to allow the most amount of fruit without wasting space?

I’m sorry if I don’t have any pictures
but I’ve made a tower of apple trees before and I would guess the minimum space between trunks is about six blocks

while the height is about ten blocks assuming you are using compost

then if you build up to build height you would probably get 2 or more chest full apples that is enough to have infinite energy every apple season

btw my calculations are only for two columns of apple towers so yeah if there are more they would probably cause a lot of lag and a lot of chest full of apples

The spacing of each tree can vary from world, location, climate, and where it’s growing. I suggest testing your location out by planting each tree you want, giving it generous space, letting it grow until it stops, and recording the spaces. :slight_smile:

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this is a very good idea

That might not be completely reliable though because of tree genetics.

A little late but yes they do sorry couldn’t find the thread let me find my screenshot

Edit: it won’t let me post it but yes they do I have them right beside each other on a server anyways I think the best way is every other block or every two blocks the reason I had them right beside each other is to compare to every other block and every other block is more

I leave five or seven between my trees.

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