Spawn designing


Hi guys! So um, how do you guys design your spawn? I absolutely have nothing in mind! So if you guys can, share some tips pretty please?


You should check out the #multiplayer category for some good spawns.


A description of the following in your question might help others in gifting you ideas:

Server theme
Will change how the building looks, how it was designed, and for what purpose it was built.

Freebuild types can have a small beginning area leading to the rest of the server, generally by sub or skyway. Along with decorations and advertisements.

“Life finds a way” servers could have a doomy and gloomy construction designed to cause the players to suffer.

Server policies
Changes what can be included in the spawn.

With benevolent economy servers, expect fruit trees, plunderable trash chests and free-to-use benches as a commonality.

In a “no freebies” server, expect punishment for cooperation and sharing, with all resources and assets kept under lock and key. With the spawn being but a desolate and punishing structure to struggle through.

Block range/types
Pretty much just changes what you can build your spawn out of and what it might look like, though things like wood, ice, and water can be unstable.

A structure built entirely out of luminous plater would look quite contrasted to one built from basalt.

Personally, I’ve always thought Testifica would look nice as a spawn, even if it is perpetually incomplete.


Which server is this