Spawn ideas

I need some cool spawn ideas
Anyone have any?

You want pictures of buildings for the spawn area?

My first server (axe castles… a default name) was literally a dirt hut and that server was crazy popular till I broke everything on accident… but if dirt hut isn’t your style @Starlight1’s servers always have amazing spawns

I suppose it depends on what kind of server you are going to make. It’s hard to think of a good idea if I don’t know what the server will be about :thinking:

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I personally like the industrial building theme with plenty of access to electricity and specialized rooms for the crafting benches.

I modeled SGE’s Spawn after the Grand Hotel of Taipei Taiwan.
Then, what really made things unique was when I started placing flags (paintings) on the roof representing all the nations of players who have come to SGE.


Anyone have pictures?

Maybe have a rummage in the pictures forum, where lots of people have posted their stuff over the years.


You could do a castle, like my amazing friend built for me while i was away from the blockheads. Heres a pic:

Colorful dots are med spots and snow probably, I don’t know.


Ehh your spawn is good but I wouldn’t call it giant

To me this is giant & epic:

These are all legendary the house down boots mawma :nail_care: :sparkles:


Holey smokes!


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