Spay or neuter your pets


Once you have a collection of pets, it would be nice to stop their reproduction from overwhelming the area where you keep them. The following problems currently exist and could be solved if we had a way to stop spawning new animals from a tamed collection.

  • when you fill up a feeder chest, the offspring often take over and clean out your food supply
  • when you have aggressive creatures like scorpions or sharks, the pets won’t attack you but their offspring will
  • the offspring can proliferate, and contribute to lag
  • you have limited resources and can’t cage them all, but already have plenty of a certain breed of dodo, donkey, or unicorn and only want the later levels to procreate. “Enough with the stone already Polly!!”


Absolutely love this idea!!! How will it be stopped though? Will there be an option to toggle on each pet? Or a server/world option?


Great idea!


I think it could be a toggle on the pet popup, like where it says “Ride” and “Release”

I guess a simpler way might be a server setting to “Allow/Disallow Pet Offspring”. But that seems like a very broad approach when only a handful of players might want their pets to stop breeding.


Brilliant idea! If we want to make the toggle a one time only option for each pet, it also requires that players be strategic about how they plan on using each pet and committing to it. Might be really great challenge especially in an expert environment.


I think this would also help with donkey breeding!


Good point. If you don’t have cages, for example. You could stop your tamed black donkey from breeding once you get some blue ones. Same for dodos as you advance thru the levels of offspring. Cages can consume a lot of iron if you have to rely on that method to put them away to stop them breeding.


Thank you, I didn’t know how to explain my thoughts and you did it perfectly.


Perfect. I updated the OP list.


Great idea! I love having my pets out displayed in their homes especially when we have given each tier pet their own room, so having a way to toggle the breeding for the explained lower classes would defiantly help keeping lag and moving mobs in the low doses. I like the idea of having it added to the “name”, “ride” and “release” pop up.


Would it cost something like neuter spray, or would it be free?


heheh. probably free unless Dave thinks a Veterinarian bench is better.


That’s not how it works…:grimacing:


A like it. I happen to like the idea of displaying my pets on a server.

Here’s a general mechanics that can help though.

So after taming and using the spray, the animal is then simply inable to breed. When the information window of a sprayed tamed animal appears, there’s a little symbol in her corner that indicates how it can’t breed.

One trick to undo this might be to ‘release’ animal and simply re-tame it and the animal will be come normal again. Or something like that.


no that’s not how neutering works


I’m not sure how neutering works but would you be able to undo it ?


If it were a simple switch on the pet menu, then it would be easily undone.


Great idea Jemnidad!!