Special dodo eggs returning to normal


So I’m breeding dodos in my house. Sometimes, when I go to pick up a dodo egg (i.e. black sand egg) and go to place it so it can hatch somewhere else (as to not mix in with the others) it magically places as a regular dodo egg. I think this only happens when the dodo tried to lay an egg on my trade portal in the room it was in, so it dropped as an item, resulting in me forcing to take it rather than wait to cage it when it happens. I’m only saying this because it’s quite annoying to me. I’ll move the dodos.


It’s because the dodos lay eggs on the portal, And they get “corrupted”, so they look like a special dodo egg, but when you place them they turn normal. I would recommend you to remove the portal so that won’t happen any more. It happened to be before too ;-;


If I could replicate this I would use it to get more normal dodo eggs. Jks


Yeah, same here. :raspberry:


Oh that explains a lot. Had 2 portals in my amethyst dodo area and got 3 sapphire eggs and all go corrupted, time to move them then.


It’s called De-Evolution. :wink: