Specific World Crashing

I need help, yesterday, I was playing in my server with my friend, we were building spawn and then he got offline. Then I was building in my own, I have 2 iPods, iPod 5th gen iOS 8.4 and iPod 6th gen iOS 9.1. I was building and playing with my iPod 5th gen then I remember what I did before I left the game, I made some actions I had a bunch of stone selected and they were getting mined then I exited back to the menu and I couldn’t log back in. All it does is loading 3/4 way in and then it crashes. I even tried logging in with my iPod 6th gen, it was the same gamecenter so the name wouldn’t matter and it still crashes. But I was able to connect to any other server even with my alias. I really need help, because without my account the server is hard to handle because I’m the owner and I can’t set the world back to public without going back to the owner’s portal.

Try restarting it from the portal?

I did and I even made a new account and admin it but I couldn’t ban or kick because it’s an owner account…

Go to the world portal and type: /stop

I did /stop and restarted from portal and I still crash…

If you like I can make another in-game name owner, or we can get Dave to take a look. Either way I’ll need an email from you to proceed. You can email by pausing the game, going to HELP/CREDITS, then tapping the link to email support that is in the support section of that screen.

Maybe it is because you need to update your iOS on the former device to 9.0?

Did you even read my first message? “iPod 6th gen iOS 9.1”

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