Spoilers not working


My spoilers don’t work! I do [details=title] and then I put a [/details ] (without the last space) at the end, but it doesn’t work! This is how it looks: [details=test]Does this work?[/details] See? The writing is on the outside of the spoiler. How do I fix it?


I see on threads when users try to make spoilers but it doesn’t work for them. Usually when you press the arrow it shows the hidden text.


I know, that is how it is supposed to be, but it doesn’t work.


[details=Click]I can do it lol [/details] , you click on the "This text will be hidden " and start typing your things.


I didn’t work for me earlier today as well.

Does it work now?

I guess so!

Or not!


This text will be hidden

`[details=Title]This text will be hidden[/details]`




I will do exactly that:


This text will be hidden

Edit: see! it doesn’t work for me!

I have a secret!

Got it! :raspberry:


I think I know what will work! You can build a spoiler on the gear, and that is what I will do! [details=Summary]Does this work?[/details]
Ahhhhhhh! It doesn’t work! What is wrong with my computer?


Show me a screenshot of what you put please?


ive never use a spoiler before, I’m not sure where I put the title of my spoiler

I just typed over the text selected in blue here.

Edit - And now I can see how to add the title - over type where it says “summary”


I’ll do that. The funny thing is that on the side the spoiler works and looks fine, but it still doesn’t work.

this doesn't work

See! This won’t work!


“[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]”


make sure the only spaces are in the things you want as the hidden text, or if you have two words in the title


I know. That is what I did.


Its not working for me neither.

[details=Title]This text will be hidden[/details]


What is the problem with the spoilers???

Working yet?


Huh, what do you know? It works for me now!

IT is easy

you guys really dont know how to do these, and they are not called spoilers, they are called summaries

You do [details=something] something else [/details]

Easy easy easy like pie!! :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:



Test test,

Test number 2:



I figured out the problem (at least for me).

You need a space between the litte ] [ things apparently…never knew that.