Spoilers not working


Ohhh. I think I might know the problem.

this might work

is this working?

Nooooo! What is wrong???


They are called spoilers because you hide things in them that would spoil a story/challenge/something if people saw that information.

Where it says summary, if you use the :gear:, is for you to type a summary or description of what is below.

Hmm does mine work?


I guess so…


This works?

It seems sometimes it works for me, but other times it doesn’t.


This is all very entertaining, but I’m afraid I’m here to crash your party. The reason these “spoilers” are working for some of you, or at certain times, and not for others (or the same ones at different times) is due to line breaks. Before a “spoiler” you need two line breaks in your post or it won’t work. That’s why when people do them first in their post, it works, but when they say “will this work” and then have the spoiler, it doesn’t work. So in the future, just hit that enter button twice before making your spoiler and it will work!

Proof!It works


Are you sure this works?

It works! Thanks!


It would have worked anyway on that situation because you out that spoiler at the top of the message.


@TheKnexGuy Here another way:

 <details><summary>Title</summary>This text will be hidden</details>
TitleThis text will be hidden

This isn't [details=Summary]hidden[/details] quite right

Results in:

This isn’t [details=Summary]hidden[/details] quite right

I can’t get the spoiler to break when it is formatted correctly…


I’m confused at what you’re saying here.



Where do you get that HTML to insert in the first place? Do you have to type the commands from scratch? My iPhone menu bar only has this:

(Sorry for extra large image. My iPhone always makes them so big…)



This? Press the </> button next to the quote button. 



You are not the only one. Hitting enter twice always works for me.


I’m saying that line breaks are not necessary. The post will be formatted as if you had them there, but they are not required to create a spoiler. To see what I mean copy the code in my above post into a post, the spoiler will work without the line breaks.


Hello? Will this work?


it only works if i do this…

Looks like it only works properly if you line break it???


The spoiler is not showing properly, at least in my browser. The hidden content is revealed no matter what. Would you like a picture to see what I mean?


Ok. Here goes … gonna try:
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

That is the text above that i get when I tap </> and it is highlighted as if I’m supposed to type over it. I’ll try two returns and do it again …

I get the same thing as above only I typed over the highlighted text with this. 

Maybe it’s a combination of device/browser? I am on my iPad mini 2 using
Chrome. Before i was on my iPhone 6S using Chrome. I should log in from Safari and try it there. And then try it on my Macbook pro.

PS I did not add bold to the words above. It happened automatically after submitting…weird

Also, sometimes the spoiler is hidden for other’s posts, other times it’s not. It was hidden for those who said it worked for them, and not hidden for those who said it didn’t work.


But you answered my other post as if that were the button that places the commands automatically for me.

Like this. When I tap the quote " icon above it automatically gives me this


And blockquote is highlighted in blue. I didn’t have to know to type the word blockquote as one word or block-quote with a dash or as two words.

If i tap ** strong text** without spaces, it gives me ** strong text** the same thing with the words ‘strong text’ highlighted in blue to type over. I didn’t need to know that bold needed asterisks.

I was wondering if there was a shortcut button to add the spoiler commands, or if you had to memorize and know exactly how to type them first.

So am i understanding correctly that those that get this to work actually type the beginning and ending commands from scratch themselves?


this is me trying it with typing the html before and after myslef, with a space before and after this sentence.


I’m hiding details


Click the gear button next to the smiley. Click “Hide details”. :wink:


Oh yayyyy. The gear button is the magic tool. Thank you @bilingual !!!


Secret message of thanks to Porky for patiently working with me. Hee hee. Shhhhh. It’s a private spoiler. Lol