Spoilers not working


Thanks Erick, it displays correctly for me on chrome but I can now see it breaks for iOS. Odd.


After testing----it would work when on its own separate lines—as in:

hidden text

Basileus! :whistling:


Will this actually work for once?

Sort of? (top is meant to say “Will this actually work for once?” instead of “Will”, weird)

@I-Love-Creation 's method seems to work the best for me, but it still requires (at least) a double line break before the code itself to function. How strange.


Yes, now it does… These spoilers certainly act weird…


@Testif with my method I came across the same problem.

My solution was: you have to connect the words----and I did it by this way:


Whereas it won’t work if they aren’t connected



Works on my computer!


I have a different problem. Now my spoilers don’t work anywhere! (BTW I am hitting enter twice after my writing)

This Won't Work

See? I told you it wouldn’t work!

I might be doing something wrong that I can’t see, so I will copy and paste what Porky said in the 5th post:


This text will be hidden


Hmm. It doesn’t work for me either.


This text will be hidden


This text will be hidden

This text will be hidden

That worked though.


test 1


test 2


Test 3

In your post, your issue is that it’s all on one line. After the first part ([details=Title]) there must be a line break. Another line break must be made directly before the end ([/details]). If you want more than one word in your title, you should have quotes between the = sign and the ] - example: [details="Title With Spaces Has Quotes"]


I think I got it now.


Does this work?


It does.