Spray paint and new mixing bench upgrade


I think there should be a new type of paint called spray paint and a new upgrade to the mixing bench.

How you would craft it is simple.

3 oil
Any dye
Steel container (crafted with 2 steel ingots)
Marble (for tiny ball)

That will give you spraypaint which will allow you to paint more colorful things and also paint armor and jet packs.

Spraypaint May have less durability then a bucket of paint but that’s for a reason.

To craft the new mixing bench upgrade you will need 1 iron ingot, 1 steel block and 1 bucket.

From there you would be able to make colored armor and jet packs using the new spraypaint.

To craft an colored armor item you will need:

1 spraypaint (any color)
1 armor of any kind/jetpack.


So pretty much a way to dye armour and jet packs right? Shouldn’t there be 1 or 2 new dye bench upgrades to be the way you dye the armour/jet pack?


I feel like you should be able to dye armor and jetpacks at a dye bench either way.