(spreading the positivity!) What is the kindest thing another player has done for you?


I want to hear the kind things that another player has done for you. It can be as little as saying hi and acknowledging your presence or building you something special.

If you have a image feel free to share that also. Honestly at times I find myself returning to the game because of those select few who always are a kind friendly face and we defo should celebrate those in our community!


Hm. I’m not too sure. But I think it has to go to haiitscandy. Many of you probably don’t know who she is and I have lost contact with her, but she helped me out when I was new to the game.


For me, it was someone who had asked how I was doing. I had played for years before this happened, and never thought to ask it myself.

I see it more often now.


What I can think of when @bilingual threw a party for me and @Caronhere helped I love planning parties and not all of them happen but I plan a lot of stuff and I get stressed a lot it’s hard to explain but it meant a lot to me


@Sugarflop I was immediately thinking about you when I‘ve read this :heartpulse: & @Cess & @SHADESTEP & @darkdecay && @Pianovania :heart:
I‘ve started playing BH again bc I‘ve broken my leg & couldn’t get up for 8 weeks but it has been a good summer anyways bc you guys made it an awesome one! :revolving_hearts:
I think I‘m only on this forums and the game bc I‘m meeting so many kind and interesting players! :smile:


Not much, but the last thing I can think of is when you helped me out on Exp.oof.onomy.


probably when the sugarflop community helped me with some in real life issues i was having. i will be eternally greatful for that.


The kindest thing a person has ever done for me was being given paint


Idk but back in 2015, when I was banned in sge for duping, and then Skeeve actually unbanned me after I apologised… imagine if I was still banned… oh my I would be in the rop ban list


The nicest someone has done me was @Starlight1. When I first joined her server, I actually wanted to grief it (that was in the past though, over a year ago), and felt annoyed with her and the staff. However, the way she treated me and everyone else gave off a special light to me. Starlight and her staff gave people happiness, empathy, and laughs on her server. She took me in as a mod after sometime, and when a few months passed, I became admin. I’m really glad I got on ss2, and gave it a chance, just like how star did to me.
Thank you, star. It’s been a great time with you and our cough, minions, I mean friends/staff, @ItIsDom, @PolarBearr, @J0M0, @Prims-sister, @BlizzardBanana, etc (sorry for those I couldn’t say)


As for me, I wanna thank Dave for such an experience of a game. The friends, the past, the now; its all been great and still is.


I’m thankful for everyone in my life. You, @Sugarflop for having such a welcoming server and honestly making me fall back in love with Blockheads again. And @Princess_Sarah for being so nice and kind. and @itzHarley for everything XP


i gotta thank @I-Love-Creation for randomly asking me one day before he even knew me to help him start a new server. My memories of Basileus and us bluecoats hiding in fear of @Hellotheressss are something i’ll always treasure.

also, to Goodrain, who let me take part in a really awesome server and makes tons of new friends and memories. i’ll never forget you guys or survival plains, even if we’ll never see each other in the server again. :”)




Ack! These are so sappy and sweet that it’s sweeter that the cookies I had today!


One user, asuna17, spent at least 1.5 hours working on a server i was working on every day for a month at least, outworking me and everyone else for one point, and really being a big help.
but we never finished the server rip, i’m bad owner


The kindest thing a player did to me was donate to my server anonymously. :slight_smile:

I think there are more then one examples but I am only going to list one.


There’s been so many things that other players have done on my behalf that I can’t begin to list the greatest ones. There’s so many nice people out there!


I have told this before, so some of you will know.
Long time ago I had met @Caronhere on SGE and she seemed to be a nice person, so I joined her server. It was like 2 or 3 am and I was super tired irl. Just swimming this ocean before going to bed - that was the plan. But the ocean was huuuuge, very soon my BH was also tired and ran out of food. No end to this stupid ocean… I desperately wanted to put my BH to rest and go to bed.
Then, finally, a shore! Nope, turned out to be a sandbank in the middle of the ocean, covered by one or two blocks of water :scream::weary:.
I grabbed the chance, dug down into the sand, barely survived, and put the lil fellow to sleep.
When I rejoined the next day, I found my BH in a nicely decorated house, complete with bed and food in a chest! Caron had watched me, went to that spot and built a whole house around my BH :slightly_smiling_face:. What a lovely surprise! :+1:t2:

Over the years many players have helped me, shared incredible valuablé resources, donated rare tulips, sent out rescue missions for my dropped items etc… But this one will always stick out as it was so totally unexpected and done by a stranger. Loving, caring server owner :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


@Ronnie that is actually the cutest blockhead story I have ever heard :blue_heart: