(spreading the positivity!) What is the kindest thing another player has done for you?


Yep, that sounds like her :slight_smile:


Totally :slightly_smiling_face:
But at the time I did not yet know.


He he he Ronnie’s story is one of my VERY fond memories of my early days of playing TBH… I was SOOO glad to be in game when he logged back on… the reaction was priceless…

Here is the little house… which is now surrounded by other pixel art…

This is the only time I have ever heard him swear…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

He was sooooo close to land and the half way mark of my world…but when the black fog covers all, it’s hard to tell.


I love my blockhead friends… I am bummed that most of them are asleep when I can play… or I am heading off to bed as they join…:confused:.

I have a whole bunch of players who I would like to give a big squeeze hug for the fun and games.

Asyc, my pea
Thu thu
Voldy Mouldy
Rabbit 999999999999999 (exaggeration)
Oh heck… sooo many to name I am bound to forget some… read the list on my world spawn wall if you have to… :wink::smile:

The most memorable birthday party held for me by a troup of players at Moonlight Lanterns… (I just aught to have not answered the phone while at the party!!!)

Not being attacked by Hellotheress was pretty memorable… I felt honoured to have been ‘left alone’ :kissing_heart:

I could go on… … …


@Brer-Rabbit imitated a cave troll after mine disappeared in a server crash. It totally brightened up my day. Tremendously. Thank you so much brer. :slight_smile:


Once a hacker invaded my server and stole my diamond pick (in a safe) and someone made another one for me.


All of these are so heart warming to read! I honestly think this is the beautiful side of the community we should see more of x


And did the hacker end up stealing the new diamond pickaxe too?


no, the server was closed because i’m broke :frowning:


Over the years, I’ve only run into one incredibly nice player, and his name was Tim. He donated 2 weeks of credit to my new server, a lifesaver essentially for my very first server which I prized so dearly, and he made a free welcome message using HTML, and it was high quality. He was active and helpful, and I’ve gotta say he was a true legend. If Tim’s looking, than thanks.