Spring - Already has been funded, no need to fund it again


Spring is a world that i created back in april of 2016, it was actually one of the first worlds i made that was corrupted, now this may not be right but if someone could. Please find it for me for one more week as i would really love to see it and try to do things.

If anyone could thank you. :slight_smile:

The theme of this server was of building, you would be handed a plot. but because of corruption i shut it down not long after and wasted 6,000 time crystals.

  1. Do not use any in-game exploits, cheats or duplication glitches. You will be instantly banned if caught. image

  2. Raiding, Griefing, and Stealing is allowed in the outer world (like far away or in freebuild). Unless the building is awaiting protection. (Also, do not grief the rails for the planned worldwide railway system.)

  3. Language that is (NSFW) or (Not Safe For Work) is not allowed, an example is the F-word. You will be banned for using this.

  4. Do not bully, harass or assault people. You will be banned if done.

  5. Do not date, mess around (in an 18+ manner) or any of that stuff, you will be banned from this server.

  6. Do not ask for admin, same goes for anything. You need to work for these types of things, not ask for them. (See Useful tips/FAQ page on how to earn mod or admin.) (you may ask for assistance around the map though)

  7. Do not spam the chat using emojis, or blank infinite text boxes. You will be banned if caught.

  8. Do not use the reports feature to send false reports, You will be instantly banned for false reporting even just one time!

Join link:

It is your choice to spend 1 dollar for a week, but please do as i would really love to see this world one last time. Thank you :slight_smile:


If I pay to keep your world up, will I be rewarded?


its only one week, and please don’t expect rewards.


Actually, on second thought. maybe i could reward you something on LOP 2 just to be fair


Okay then.


What would you like? PM me with the answer


Is this server out of credit?


Yep, and it will never be reopened again.