Squid Game theme in Gemstones

Made the pink soldier theme from Squid Game using gemstones. (i mean, is it even a fandom without a squid game reference at least once? :smiley:

I think this is one of those features everyone knows but have already forgotten due to the limitations of making music lol. Not only do you only have 5 notes from the D major scale, have to set tempo by “happiness” but you also have uneven rhythm due to the randomness of the placement of dropped items. Alternatively, you could place the gemstones on the ground but having rests on the music ruins the rhythm. Wish they had a system simlilar to noteblocks from Super Mario Maker or from M*necraft.

Anyways, here’s a basic waltz I made last minute. feel free to share your gemstone music too. :smiley:


For those of you who want to learn more about gem music, this YouTube video serves as a great tutorial! :slight_smile:


Such a creative way to use gems! I love it. Subbed to your channel

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Thanks for the sub! Expect mediocre garageband music when I do upload though xD

Yes, it’s basically
Amethyst = Do/ D
Sapphire = Re/ E
Emerald = Mi/ F#
Ruby = Fa/ G
Diamond = So/ A


That’s really cool man! I love it!


Ode to Joy (only the recognizable part)

His Theme - Undertale

btw if you want to make music but lack gemstones, you can create a custom world and set spawn items with 99 gemstones of each type :slight_smile:


I remember when @sam.boyer did that ages ago! :slight_smile:


dunno why that voice gave me a headache, but damn this is really cool stuff

i also wonder if gems had this intention partially

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Sounds like the voice a basic how to tutorial made 7 years ago would have

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This is her most recent YouTube video? Has anything changed? :question:

not in my brain other than a bigger headache

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I love it! :two_hearts:
Especially “His Theme.” That song is ALWAYS stuck in my head. Very nice job

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