Ss4-Stop the Purple Panda ABUSE!


Lately there has been something VERY awful going around. As you can see, this is Purple Panda. Purple Panda is very adorable-in these pictures. (Thanks @Starlight1 for the purple panda pixel art)

Somebody has been taking his PURPLE PANDA GEM dating back TO SS3. from his (my) med spot, and I’m gonna say:
STOP THE ABUSE! Would you like it if someone took all your toilet paper the moment you decide you have a BIG BIG POOP and need to use the bathroom? I don’t think so!
To help raise awareness for this poor creature, please like vote for ss4 (Starlight Sky’s 4). And bow before the purple panda-jk. But still, it’s recommended that you do tho.
But seriously though. STOP. If you’re reading this, gem taker, It’s not even that funny anymore. Also I want some platinum coins so I can buy more gems. Btw, I have hired @PolarBearr , who doesn’t even know he was hired until now, to guard the med spot for an ice cube per day. He’ll bite. HARRRRDDDDDDDD.


I say stop polar bear abuse


Nah, he’s good. And paid.


In that case I’m taking a paid vacation for a long time. I got DOMES to build




I don’t get it…


Oh well, I have star watching spawn…I think, I asked her to so she probably would. But still… if we get 140 votes in 2 days, I’ll manage a special event for ss4-a special purple panda event!


Does SS4 have a world thread?


I did some digging and couldn’t find a SS4 world thread.


Me neither, which is why I asked. It turns out there was one, but it was removed at the owner’s request :slight_smile:


This isn’t a world thread. I just wanted to specify where it was happening :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, and if there were a world thread it would need to go into that. Posting about a world in Multiplayer is complicated.