Starlight Lands 2

Starlight Lands 2 Mac Server


Starlight Lands 2 is vanilla world full of cities trying to simulate real life. You can get a job, start a business, rent a house, get a loan, or maybe you will build your own city.


There will be a different starter depending on what city you want to live in or there might not be a starter if the mayor of that town chooses.

Social Classes

Starlight Lands is a country with social classes.

The highest social class is president. There is one president and he will be in charge of the world he will tell the mayors of cities what they can and can’t do. I (Osha Oshawot) am the President.

The Vice President will be my partner. The person is this job will be there forever. This job is taken by my friend Disco Ennard. The Vice President will approve my decisions and help me get them going.

The SuperMayor is not a thing in real life but there will be one in every city. The SuperMayor is a permanent job. You can get this job by building your own city. Form at end.

The mayors will be like the Vice President to the SuperMayors there will be one per city. This job is open to whoever wants it via google form (doesn’t exist yet) and within each city people who are approved by the SuperMayor (and higher classes) of the city who want to be mayor will enter an election which will happen when SuperMayors, Vice President, and President agree to have one.( you will get a PM saying you are accepted so you can start your campaign).

The Police will be on the watch to ban kick or put people in jail. President and Vice President choose these people.

The middle class will be people with homes and established lives in a city.

The lower class is the people with not as much money and a starting apartment.

How To Play

When you join you will spawn in the go underground to choose the city you will start in (unless you want to start in the capital). And get a city starter. The minimum that this will have is a starter apartment and a few gold coins unless you want a true challenge and choose to not take this. Then you will find a company that is hiring and get a job (if there are no hiring companies in that city you can get a job in a different city or start your own businesses). After this you will earn money and buy better homes and better stuff. You can buy mines and businesses from others or the city.

Bannable Rules

  1. Asking for admin or mod a lot of times.
  2. Cussing
  3. Breaking things that you are not allowed to.
  4. Dating or doing inappropriate stuff
  5. Hacking
  6. Having hacked items.

Jail Time Rules

  1. Building things in non free-build spot or your building areas that is not small and easily broken if small you will just be fined.
  2. Making fun of people in lower classes than you. If done enough times will result in a ban.
  3. Selling fake products at your store (taking money and not giving product that was paid for.


  • Blockland SuperMayor:OSHA OSHAWOT !CAPITAL!

  • Musical SuperMayor: agentpinkdog

Form for SuperMayor on website (right now also early access)

If you want to help and not be a SuperMayor PM me or fill out the form and in city name put HELPER.

Thanks to Wingysam for hosting this server.


@EnnardBomb005 is the official Vice President of the country of Starlight Lands

Starlight Lands is a country?

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Not in real life but in the server yes it is.

This is the current progress on the currently unnamed capital city.


We now have chosen a name for the capital city which is Blockland but that is subject to change. And we have 1 more city but that will be a surprise (look) unless I choose otherwise later. We now have a ruby portal. Almost have a trash chute. We need help!!! Build a city or just help. We also got a trade portal

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If you saw the original SL you will know how Blockland will look or resemble. I am working on making lots of bricks…

Sounds cool! I’d like to check it out, is it open? Still need help building?

Yes we still need help it is not open yet
If you would like to help build fill out the google form

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Right now the server is down. Hopefully Wingy gets it back up soon! We need help! Only one person has responded to the google form!

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Website in progress

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We have a diamond!!

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Redid the old website. I think wix makes better websites.

if you use WIX app the invite code is: QWV0BL
I will post some extra stuff there.

Hello, i would like to help with this server! How active is it?

Well the server isn’t open yet. I will send you a pm.

Do you have insta?

Because I think this server has a great future it can be very popular one day

I used to have a server called starlight Lands it was semi popular. It has lots of great builds and it was fun to play on. I’m hoping to recreate most of that scene +

Merged double post.

Blockland is nearing completion! But if I finish it I still can’t open because I need more cities!! So if you want go to the website and fill out the form