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1000 votes!
We are very proud of this result!

Big thanks to Starlight (Main Serverowner), to the hard working admins and moderators, giving the community one of the best experience playing The Blockheads on this server, having a good time and get to know many many friendly, cool, funny, active and skilled players. Big thanks also to the community of Starlight Skys!

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Owner of Starlight Skys
Andre Lee

Starlight Skys Meetings
Starlight Skys 2 Questions
A Week in Starlight Skys

this is one of the best blockhead communities I have ever been a part of and I am so thankful and lucky to have met these amazing friends and enjoy these awesome builds! mad love for the starlight family​:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::blue_heart::star2::blue_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Good job for getting 1000 votes! I haven’t been there yet, but it looks like a great server. I’ll probably check it out some time.

Hmmm… “Free TC” isn’t very far behind though…


How come a piracy server is at 2nd… Or is it just the name?


People can put in a script in the welcome message that tells people to vote, no matter the content of the server.


Congratualtions to Starlight Skys. Skeeve’s Various Empires have never been able to catch you. A most worthy adversary indeed.


Thank you everyone for the support and great times we have on Starlight Skys.


Im really not sure why these types of server are popular i do belive thats its the following: no rules whatsoever except hacking
Ah well congrats friends


Thank you guys! :slight_smile:
Starlight Skys is getting busy, but we are having a lot of fun!
We just had a little Photoshoot at spawn.


1200 Votes !!! 31st of October 2016


We others are trying to catch up down there haha!


Happy Halloween everyone from Starlight Skys :ghost::jack_o_lantern::ghost::jack_o_lantern:


Wow,Starlight is really…good?


Please don’t advertise other servers in someone else’s thread.


Wow but now it’s a new month on starlight skys so now we have to start over

From a starlight skys player named OSHA OSHAWOT

Wow! But it’s a new month so we must start again. But I think this server will get in first again!

From a STARLIGHT SKYS player named,

             OSHA OSHAWOT


Wow. About how many people do you think visit every day??


Wow! But now you have to start over. I think this server will get top again with more than 1000! Hope you will join!



hi KP7, thanks for you message. it depends on the day. I can say that between 15 and 30 new players join the server everyday. feel free to join us!


Thanks, maybe I will. :slight_smile:


Now i know why free tc is popular they give out 2 tc safes for every vote :confused: