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Server is whitelisted after all the main admins leave to avoid hacking


Ah I see thanks for the explaination! Do you know approximately when it’ll be back up?

EDIT: I think I may have misunderstood, did you mean that the server automatically becomes whitelisted whenever the admins are gone?


So basically, when there are no main admins around, we whitelist TEH server so that, when there’s is no one looking after the place, we have that layer of protection.


Ah that’s pretty smart haha I understand. Hopefully someday I can earn enough trust to be whitelisted, I tend to play blockheads at weird times lul


Hi @Azurlite , I can pm you or Starlight too when we are online and the server goes public okay :slight_smile:


My intention was that @Potato68_Lyfe would realise his mistake and correct it. If he wasn’t available then one of the other admins would correct it - which is exactly what happened. I could have just sent a PM to Potato but then the error may have sat there for ages un corrected.

I apologise if the way I chose to clarify what Potato said offended you.


Don’t worry, I fixed it

Ps. If u pm a person, they would probably actually be more likely to listen, as, by the name private messenger. So it’s addressing u directly in a confined/direct way


Our world Starlight Skys 2 is getting really crazy, so I thought I’d make a weekly post on what happened, enjoy.
Updates, whenever, never over 8 days


Excited to see what’s in store! I’m gonna move this to General Discussion if u don’t mind Frater :slight_smile:


July 13
Thought I’d start with today for the first post.

  • A rebellion was formed and killed after a pvp match against starlight
  • We got hacked again, and with the same ghost block glitch. Luckily, with help of a mod named blackout, we were able to fix it
  • I also made a pixel art turtle
  • Finally, the railroad is now 56 tc to the left, and 92 tc on the right

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Do you think this should be in the world thread of Starlight Sky?
I like the turtle.


No, because it’s more of a recap, and either that thread is for the old world, or i didn’t know about it :joy:


It makes more sense to put it in the world thread because people interested in the world will go there. I’d, personally, like to view weekly recaps all accessible in the world thread.


I agree, any news about the world belongs on the main Starlight Skies thread. If all worlds decide to start doing weekly updates then General Discussion will become cluttered with world news instead of being about general blockhead discussion.


Ok I’ll talk to star about it


Hello Everyone. I am fretusfrater from a popular server known as Starlight Skys. We are growing increasingly popular and have recently reached 570 votes.

With this in mind, I wanted to know what others thought of this world. Please answer so I can get and the idea of what everyone likes and tell the other admins.

1. How helpful are our admins (1-5)?
2. How kid-friendly is our server?
3. Is there anything we can improve?

Also whatever other things you’d like to address. Thank you for answering these questions if you did

Link to our horribly cough misnamed cough forum thread (JK)

  1. 5

  2. The server is very kid friendly.

  3. The server is perfect the way it is :wink:


Nice to know Wumbo :grinning:


What’s the multiplayer topic on this server? I would like to join it!