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there isn’t an official one, but I’m sure there are many places to discuss the server on forums.


Wumbo, that was sadly the first starlight skys, which was disbanded due to issues. But the second starlight is quickly catching up to the first

Sentence constructor! (game)

I would say our admins r very helpful (most of the time) as occasionally, when new people come and ask for starters, they r sometimes gnorex, being an admin, I attempt to listen to there’s needs as much as possible, but sometimes it is hard as I am building or doing pixel art with chat off. So this loss of a mark was unpreventable I guess. (4/5)

I would say that most of the staff is kid friendly. The admins definitely attempt to be. However there is the odd occasion in which a person logs onto server with a VERY MESSED up name… Or people come and begin to swear randomly so, however these people are dealt with immediately with a strict ban or staff position loss… so this category gets 9/10

Also… What we could improve is…
-Organise staff meetings
-Maybe attempt to gain better hacker protection… I’m not sure how but… we can find a way :smiley:
-Organise more jobs, as the job system is very loose RN so we need to make it more rigid, for example we could add watcher as a job, a person who stays AFK on the server a server a hacker prevention system
-Try and have a memeber of staff on when the server is not whitelisted



My apologies! I meant Starlight Sky’s 2.


#How to make a good server:

1- your server has to be interesting for the people who join

2- your admins shouldn’t be very strict and not very lazy

3- an attractive welcome message

4- a good spawn

5- normal rules

6- something to not bore the players

7- free build areas

8- owner/admins join frequently

9- “Can i be admin?” You shouldn’t say a rude ‘no’, instead, explain why

10- Clear blacklist atleast once a week, unless its filled with horrible people



hey fretus, this is nice :slight_smile:


i just have it so if people want to get unbanned they just have to send me an email thru an account that is dedicated to Blockheads :smile:


Thanks Wumbo for your kind words.We become like a blockhead family on server and get to know each other laugh, and build and talk.


I’ve merged in two more Starlight Skys threads this morning. Please stop making them. Each world gets ONE thread.


A week -1 in review

Stuff happened. Floof knight merged more of our forums :slight_smile:

Okay please leave a like and everything, and keep supporting the reviews

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  • This week marked one of the first official meetings of SS2. I suggest you look at it
  • Fraterzon the SS2 Amazon (located right of spawn, below crafting area, was made
  • New admin: Samuelmyson
  • We ran out of starters.
  • I finished the turtles: fret the archer, wumbo the Lancelot, and kidu the mage
  • First admin chess matches conducted, everyone checkers in development

*no railway progress

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Hehe… :blush:


Our fans on the server :blush::blush::blush:
Thank you guys :blush::heart:


The staff seem to be swearing a lot on the server. Right when I joined an admin was cursing. Yet there’s a rule in the welcome message that says swearing isn’t allowed.


thank you Wumbo. pm please


I built this blimp for @Andre_Lee today on Starlight Sky’s 2. I also got a little help from @SomeRandomUser. Hope you enjoy.


I’m so behind, lately! Oh man, a new Starlight Skys? How late am I?! XD Anyways, remember me, your trusty Harls?




Your welcome. :slight_smile:


lol yes youre very late!! :smiley:
pm me your ingame name and i will whitelist you.
we stay whitelisted while star and me are off due to hackers and their hack attacks…


I found a corrupted workbench under the shark tank at spawn.