Starlight Skys 2 | Cloud World


I’ll fix it when I join, thanks!


@Andre_Lee @Starlight1
You need to get on now there is a hacker I have been banned after trying to ban him


I think it’s safe to say the admins list was cleared…


Wait that guy was on sge @Skeeve


When was that player on SGE @agentpinkdog?

Also @Made_to_love, please PM the player name and IP instead of posting it on the thread, which is considered “naming and shaming”. Thanks.


I think he is still on… And I found his Ip banned on Survivalof time
I removed the name sorry


Thanks @Made_to_love


He was on a few minutes ago wasn’t on last I checked


Thanks @agentpinkdog, Skeeve will check the log.


It sometimes randomly happens, mostly on largely-developed servers.


it really doesn’t matter, the original one has been like that for a long time and they play at the second one anyway, which looks fine to me. I just checked on it.


I’m not sure if they’ve abandoned Starlight Skys 2 due to Starlight Skys 3 coming out during 1.7.


They haven’t, they’re just working on the new one for 1.7 what I have seen.


Cloud Worlds have been suffering from this glitch periodically. What happens as far as I know, is that the server gets hung up, can’t save data properly, so it throws up its figurative hands and literally creates a new world in place of the old one.

It has happened about a half dozen times to both Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire and Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge over the last couple years.

It’s easily fixable but it can be inconvenient and usually a small amount of progress is lost (no more than 24 hours though).


Those are fake imposters. People have been using the exact same name Starlight Skys with the same welcome message, and a similar username to make fake copies.

The real ones are whitelisted while Star isn’t there, due to hackers and griefing problems. This will probably change in 1.7.

If you wan’t to go to the real one, you can usually join at around 12:00AM UTC.


How do people get the welcome message???


Unfortunately an admin seems to be copying the welcome message code and putting it on other servers. Star is working on resolving this.


most servers allow hacks if they are not bad,

but it could reach the point where you used to much hacked unkowns and hacked portal blocks,


Starlight skys 2 is still open and not hacked.


Funny those fake imposters. KP7 thanks for keeping the people informed. :cheerful:


I thought that was the original SS at first. :joy: