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Hi everyone just a reminder we do not give Tc out on Starlight Skys if we find out someone is we give them a warning not to.If you know of someone’s that’s is giving tc please contact me or let me know when I’m on my server thank you :star2:


Whatever they do, we dont accept that. And our members are free to vote.


Please don’t post email addresses in the open forums, and see the rules for this community here:


I’m sorry about posting my email thanks Milla


andre please put up the new picture :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

Please :dodo:


I would but that would be spoiled


Here it is! :slight_smile:

Public server: Starlight Skys


16 Players its getting busy again!


What are the main activities that people do on Starlight Skys? Just curious. What attracts such a large continuous crowd?


hi jemni! still wondering about that? :wink:


im not very sure
though i AM sure that most hacked items are allowed
other than that i have no idea


haha :smiley: hey Mr_useful (or not?) if someone asks something it doesnt mean you need to answer all the questions here, just a little reminder :wink:


Hey! I forgot about this forum a bit after being locked out (glitch). I wanted to congratulate you on that amazing 1000 vote milestone. Bib, who is much more technical than me, is working to make that BH fans even better.


Hey RedEagle, thanks for you message! I will forward this to the players of our server. They’ll be surely glad to hear this.
When are you going to visit us RedEagle? :slight_smile:


Visiting now


Thanks for you visit. I hope you enjoyed the world we are running.


It looks great! Awesome server you got going! Nice builds too!


Thank you RedEagle so much for visiting Starlight Skys :slightly_smiling_face:


So, straight to the point here. To kind of answer what people have been wondering, and couldn’t get a straight answer for, I don’t think there’s really any particular ‘activity’ that attracts so many players to your server. I visited Starlight Skys recently, and I didn’t exactly get a warm welcome from the multitude of admins there, as in they said nothing to me and ignored my queries even when I greeted them. I was, to be honest, a little disappointed. I’m not saying that this makes your server a bad place; they may simply have been caught up in other things. I do know your server has been running for quite some time now, which may explain the popularity. Also, such a large number of admins and mods, who are frequently on the server, would mean more players join the server, and keep coming back. There are plenty of nice buildings at spawn, amenities are readily available for players to use, and the players and staff are nice to each other, most of the time. All in all, it seems like a great place with a very close community and lots of nice buildings. All of these factors mean a lot of people vote for the server, stay at the server, and generally enjoy the server.


hello lettuce. just read your comment and I am a bit confused as to your opinion of the server. as for the the admins, there’s always work to be done, protecting builds, removing glitches, fixing grief etc… it’s actually a little unbelievable that no one would have greeted you or helped you out. as for a particular activity or whatever that would attract people here, I’m not exactly clear on what you mean- we have theme days and pvp battles, birthdAy and holiday parties and pixel building, along with tons of themed places to explore and visit. in the end servers are still servers- made to build and explore and make lasting friendships. hopefully you can visit again and have a better experience, even though I’m not clear on what your expecting to find. my name is cocosiz and if I’m on just ask for whatever you need and I’ll be happy to help. please keep it positive on the forum, we’re all here to contribute to an enjoyable and pleasant gaming serevr world. peace and love - coco