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Hi Lettuce your entitled to your opinion my server gets busy we try helping everyone.I think the players come back because of the friendships that are started and also to express there feelings and to be heard.:star2:


Its getting busy!! We are #1! Lets have some fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Mods and Admins are really disrespectful in this server, I called the admin mutiple of times they wont answer me until i used All Caps Words and they answered me, With what? A Ban…


@Astro1 I had the same problem… I did not get banned as I left the server before then, but I actually found it quite rude that none of the players there made an effort to acknowledge my presence or help me in any way. I’ve said this before, so I won’t go on about it. Again, no offense is meant to this server.

One extra side note: you should block out the names of the players in this picture, as the forums has a no ‘naming and shaming’ policy. You shouldn’t share IGNs publicly without the express permission of the player.

@cocosiz, it’s a little late but I should have made my meaning clearer. A lot of servers have these kind of events, but I was mainly talking about the popularity of the server in terms of the amount of votes it gets. It obviously surpasses all the other servers on this list, and a few players were just wondering why, me included. I’m sure it’s for mostly good reasons, like the ones I said before. I hope that clears it up. :slight_smile:


Yes, I ban people who say “F****** ADMINS” in the chat and yell for help (as you can see on the screenshot). Thats disrespecting and not friendly!
Im happy not to have somebody like you on the server!


I have to say, on a busy server, it’s often hard for admins to keep up with everything everyone is saying. And at the same time, players should not feel like they require an admin to do stuff on a server. I often feel like some players, let’s call them “noobs”, need to be guided around by the hand. “What can I do here?” “Uh, how about explore?”


@lettuce I called them mutiple times and i asked
Admins, Are you wven going to respond
They said No
So i countiued asking until i was very furstrated and i decided to you know… And i got banned from the server… They were listening to me and they just ignored me… I dont even get it…

And also, the server was at 4 or 5 players


I actually do agree with Andre here- it’s not okay to lose your temper and start swearing and yelling. You should have at least expected to be banned for that. It’s all very rude for the admins to ignore you, but if you were so rude back, then perhaps they had good reason. If you were unhappy with how you were being treated on the server, and weren’t enjoying it there, you could have just left. That’s what I did in this situation, and nobody’s feelings were hurt, I would like to think.

Edit: @Bibliophile Just saw your comment, and I think you have a point, in terms of it being the admin’s right and reason to refuse to talk to the new player.
I guess what this whole conundrum comes back to is the ‘popularity’ of the server. In my opinion, part of what makes a good server is if the admin makes an effort to acknowledge new players. When you do this, people are more likely to come back and actually contribute to the server. Even a simple, returned ‘Hi’ can make a player feel a lot more welcome, especially on a server full of admins. It’s like saying, ‘You know, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to come visit this server, so thanks for that.’

It really doesn’t take a lot to do this. If you’re busy, you can just say that. If you’re not in the mood for talking, it doesn’t take much to say that either. So-called ‘noobs’ who ask annoying questions are difficult to deal with, but they will learn, like we all did, through people explaining things. Part of running a public server is dealing with new players, and when you become a staff member of a public server, that becomes your responsibility.

Some players are quiet; others like to socialise and have someone to talk to while they play on the world. We’re all different, which will always cause problems. The best thing people can do is try to help each other.

I know I kind of started this whole thing with my first comment (whoops!) but I never meant to make an arguing point. I hope we can put this whole thing to rest, and most of all, I really hope that no admins on Starlight Skys have had their feelings hurt by the things I’ve said. I’m just a firm believer in the ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’ scheme of things.


I may be way off the mark here, but it seems like an appropriate place to point something out about attention.

As a player, especially a new player, on a server, you have no right to the attention of server staff. You may ask for help or try to strike up a conversation with staff, but there is no guarantee that they will respond.

They may be busy.
They may be engrossed in a conversation with someone else.
They may not be in the mood to talk.
They may only be able to carry on conversations with 3 other attention demanding noobs at once.
They may have turned off chat.
They may be building something, or playing some mini game.
They may not want to talk to someone who hasn’t done anything noteworthy on the server yet

Any of these reasons and more are perfectly valid for ignoring you. Sure, it might not be “nice” but you are the guest in their house. The house rules may be different than in your house where everyone is required to respond to every question asked them in chat on the penalty of bans.

Additionally, ALL CAPS ARE ANNOYING! MANY SERVERS HAVE RULES AGAINST USING THEM!.. If I don’t get the attention I want, I’M SURE BREAKING THE RULES IS A GREAT WAY TO GET IT! Just don’t be surprised if it comes in an unexpectedly unpleasant way.

No offense meant, but I’ve found the best way to gain the respect of server owners who don’t know you is playing quietly, following the rules and waiting for someone to reach out to you first while doing your own thing.

And someone always will. Even if that someone is just someone newer to the server than you that you can help , this WILL be noticed, especially by the staff who you have helped by answering an annoying noob’s questions.


Spent some time on the server. A few suggestions…

Is there any dirt anywhere on your server? Itd be handy to be able to make a workbench. People might bug the admins less too.

If there were any admins on.
Or any staff anywhere.

About those rules:

“Don’t swear too much” Nice. Interpretation (based in observation) it’s totally ok to swear- unless we dont like you.
(Screenshots available)

As far as popularity, I can see why it’s popular: a bunch of pre-teens pretending that they’re worldy twenty-somethings trying to be cool- and failing miserably. No discernable oversight or regulation. Suggestive (though admittedly not pornographic) paintings. Every kid’s dream.

In short, a good server- to stay away from. Deleted from world spinner. Cant reccomend it. X gets the square.


You forgot about the starters

They are all the same example:
1- they contain A diamond portal and a trade portal
2- they contain 99: jetpacks, coffee, dodo stew
3- they are all obviously duped

So duping TC based items is not [quote=“Starlight1025, post:22, topic:47636”]
we do not give Tc out on Starlight Skys

But you give out TC based items

I won’t recommend this server

As @Joe said group of tweens trying to be cool


Players, they gonna play.
And haters, they gonna hate. :wink:

Im sorry guys, but Im NOT into negative things.
Stay on your own servers and be happy, cuz we are!


I agree with Joe, it’s very hard to start out without anything since unprotected areas are far away and obviously people won’t just give out things (exept starters which I wouldn’t like to have)

So I am asking, will you guys do maybe consider making an unprotected area near spawn or perhaps something like a farm so newbies like me could start out? If not, where is the nearest unprotected area? I’ve been walkin’ around a lot. This is just a suggestion though. I think this could help many people start out.


Hi Uni, thanks for you message.
Easy and fast answer: No sorry.
We do have over 500 Builds (!!!) on the server and most of them are “near” spawn. Do you expect to have a free spot near it? I guess not.
We do focus on building and having fun doing it while having nice chats with the people on the server.
The next time you join the world just ask an admin to help you. We still do have many free protected spots though. Unprotected areas exists, very very far left and very very far right :wink:


I didn’t demand anything, it was just a suggestion. There are barely any fruit trees to keep the BH’s from starvation too.


Andre, “players gonna play” is EXACTLY the attitude that is going to doom this server.

Last night, I saw one of your “players” arguing with a girl that had told him “no means no”.

Let that sink in for a moment.

If my son had been on your server, I would have been talking to him first, you second, and Dave and Milla third.

So laugh that one off. When it happens, and your server gets shut down, I just dont want to be a part of the scene.

Your nonchalant attitude on a public server has the potential to hurt every one of us who play The Blockheads. The fact that you’re willing to risk that for the sake of being “cool” or “hip” or whatever is what makes your server dangerous.

But by all means, play on player.


Apparently the main “serverowner” has nothing to say
I’m not going to say anything else as milla might find it bad
Enjoy your server…
While it lasts


well good morning to you joe
just read your comment and found it quite disturbing.Im not sure what type of angelic server you are from or what bubble land you play on, but you should know there is no way to control what people say on chat or in life in general. as for trying to put the idea out there that starlight is a server that condones or allows this type of behavior is not only unfair but also very wrong! admins are constantly banning players with inappropriate game play and if some slip thru when there’s not an admin present, that does not give u the right to publicly bash the server because of the action of one ignorant player.
as a parent, you should for sure be monitoring your sons game play on blockheads in general bc this game is overflowing with inappropriate chat topics, role play, drama, language etc…even without him ever joining starlight. this forum community is here to build each other up and make strong friendships and enjoy cyber time together. starlight skies IN NO WAY supports or allows misconduct or disrespectful behavior AND WHEN ADMIN IS ON they warn and ban the people/person right away.
we like to keep our server safe and enjoyable just as any responsible server does, but keep in mind, there are still people who play that don’t respect others or themselves and behave as they wish-WHICH DOES NOT REFLECT WHO STARLIGHT SKIES IS or what we represent.



While I agree with many points brought up in this thread, I don’t think this is really the place for it. The main world thread or PMs seem more appropriate for this kind of discussion.

IMO, any server that tolerates profanity or suggestive images should at least be whitelisted/private. That is not a good environment for the many people who play this game, most of which are underage. I fully respect your right to have friendships and a good time, but if it involves profanity then please, keep it to yourself.


Nick’s right. I have no inclination to hijack the thread. Cocsiz, I’ve sent you a pm, and cc’d Andre. If you wish to continue the discussion, we can do so there.