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hi nick
thanks for your opinion and input. we do like to keep the server in good clean fun and a safe environment for all age players. we also have weekly meetings to discuss things that we can improve on or handle in different ways. feel free to pm me with any concerns or suggestions.


Haha joe you just got pwned son


Hi everyone we can take care of a issue if we know about it.We can’t always be on server.It is a public server so issues will always come up.We all try are best to help every player I think we forget it’s a exploring and mining game.


Does Starlight skys have a world thread?


No it doesn’t.


Well, it should if you wish to discuss it here. It’s how we roll. We have a standard format for world discussions. It makes it easier for players to find worlds they’d like to play on, and keeps all the discussion about a given world in one place.

Any world thread should be started by the world owner.


You banned me for being truthful and actually being myself

And apparently you can see that they hated my “reporting”

(Btw don’t judge me for the hitler pic asked milla she gave me an OK)


You are using a Pic from HITLER who killed millions of humans!!! You are unwelcomed!
I will report you!!!
What the hell is wrong with you???
You are really going on our nerves!!!
You report bad things about us and you join the server!!
What is your problem??? What is your intention??? Are you bored or something??
Get a life!!!


I asked milla if it’s ok

She said we don’t have a problem with that

Btw- i joined to take my things


Just because I don’t find an image of a war criminal offensive that doesn’t mean a world owner won’t. It’s entirely their call if they choose to ban you for it. It’s their world after all. Please don’t use me to debate someone else’s ruling on their own world. It won’t stand.


I’m not.
I’ve read the rules and nothing came about political pics


@Mr_useful It’s impossible to list every single thing in the rules, especially for things like political avatars. Your best course of action now is to PM the owner and offer to change your avatar to see if you are allowed in. It’s common sense really that you don’t have an avatar of a man who is considered a monster by so many across Europe and further afield.


I completely agree with Mummy here.

If someone joined with the picture you did on a server of mine, I would not hesitate to ban them. I might give a warning first, if I was in a good mood, but really? I’m kind of at a loss for words here. Joining worlds with that photo strongly suggests to me that you are trying to be as annoying as possible.

Also, as for not being covered in the welcome message, maybe you should reconsider this default rule at the bottom of every welcome message.

When playing on any server, please be courteous to other players, listen to mods and admins, and behave yourself. You may be muted or banned for any reason and the in-game chat may be monitored.


Somebody who tells this is 100% not welcomed on the server


Starlight Skys is one of the only highly active servers left where players can play the game the way it was meant to be played; in a sea of dating and TC servers. The last thing us forum members should be doing is ragging on it and trying to damage it.

Thank you guys for putting in so much time and effort to maintain a beautiful, active, inclusive server!


honestly i don’t think its fair that you were banned for expressing yourself in a server you clearly didn’t break any rules or anything. ill see what i can do . ps remember the server is biased with people who cant accept but i believe people will change :slight_smile:… probably


Did Starlight Skys start over from scratch recently or what? The one in my spinner required a password.


Yes, there is a new server. Same name, and as I understand it, same setup, both physically, and rule/gameplay-wise. The only difference seems to be that the new one is public, and the old one no longer is.


Hi everyone want to just say thanks for playing blockheads with us on Starlight Skys.It’s pretty amazing to me we can all come on a server from all over the world and play a game.Yes there’s lots of different views and opinions but it’s a amazing game with a lot of laughs fun and exploring and building.Thanks again for everyone’s help on our server.:butterfly::rainbow::star2::sunny:


i agree with @Lettuce the same thing happened to me