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i have unfortunately not received my admin back since about 4 days ago also server bot is annoying. ive notice people treat you differently when youre not admin … hahaha. ive been kinda bored lately as well


Hi Milla my server Starlight Skys 2 is stuck on loading screen can’t even get on to get my server ID in the credit/help I was wondering if you can help me even if we can roll back 3days it’s under my name STARRY in my owner portal hope to here from you soon


Hi starlight,
It’s too bad you’re having problems with your server. Your best bet is to pm milla or email support at: You’ll need your support ID too. You can get that from the pause button in the game - you don’t have to go to your world to get it, you can join another online world or an SP world.
And lastly please remove your email from your post, it isn’t allowed because it isn’t safe.
Good luck getting your server back!


Hooray for the server that banned me years ago for telling someone that I was going to my server


Cool :0


Why has Starlight Skys been on a whitelist lately and on a password?


If a server needs a rollback as this one does, then that’s the best procedure to A) keep people from wasting effort that will get rolled back and B) reduce the activity so that the backups don’t expire as fast. You see they only take 30 days worth of backups, but they don’t take a backup if the server files don’t change, so if nothing changes on a server, they still have access to backups older than 1 month ago.


Okay. Thank you for your help!


@Andre_Lee: Thanks for this info.


Only one. Why??


Your welcome.


Star texted me saying that is her new server and then there is a forums post that is made by the owner name if the world

Is the world unwhitlisted now?


Is Starlight not arond? He should be able to rectify this from the OP, yes?


We keep the world whitelisted at the moment. The hacker attack was too hard to the world. Please pm for whitelist add. Yes it is a new one but she only has one forum account.
Starlight is a girl by the way :smiley:



Hope the server can get fixed!


Im Co Owner there, Whats your problem?


Ik that. But I meant HERE. We don’t allow shaming people here, and you quite clearly did that.


As long as many people get informed with this ímportant information, Im happy.
But if there are people who are showing with the finger to me and to this information which informs people about a dangerous hacker, then I have no words for you,


I never told you can’t share info about dangerous hackers. But there are other ways to do so then telling them where everyone can see them.
If I asked of there are anyone dangerous hackers, you could have told me a pm. Message me by email. messages me via, apps like kik.
Telling me here is the easiest but, what if someone was thought to be a hacker and isn’t? You won’t be hurting their feeling for no reason as they where wrongly accused. That’s why the no naming a nd shaming rules exists. You could have made a pm with all the admins and milla and they would deal with it. The admins would ban them and milla will take actions if needed.