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Thanks Haque.

Starlight gave a short report about the problem.
The “hacker” replies here with the word “COOL”.
My answer is: i will NAME AND SHAME that guy.

I am more than annoyed about those hackers!!

And sorry for breaking the name and shame rule.



I am furious. A snitch who thinks he’s perfect is going round the server making everyone including the staff angry. I couldn’t help it. I don’t want to fight anymore. Please lift my ban and I promise it won’t happen again.

This all started over the snitch wanting me to prove that I had 99 shark jaws… I didn’t trust him and it started this enormous fight.


we are whitelisted. we needed to solve something.


That’s a really good way to earn a ban.

I started this world in the OP and it seems okay. Can someone who knows it join and confirm it’s in good shape, please?


Yeah. I really want to know what’s going on. I really lost my temper back there. I don’t wanna fight any longer.



It seems to be good right now there is what i call an inappropriate picture above the spawn portal


Can you please tell me the owner name for Starlight Skys? There are so many worlds called that I need to narrow it down :slight_smile:


@milla it is called right now starlight skys 2


Okay, that narrows it down to ten worlds… :wink:


There is no inappropriate pic above spawn Osha

Hi Milla my server is called Starlight Skys 2 owner is under my name Starry




Wow I am impressed!!
People are still copying us (servername and ownername).


Have things died down by chance. What happened? Has my ban been lifted? Just super curious.


Just because you’re upset that the servers you play at aren’t popular as Starlight Sky’s it doesn’t give you the right to dis a good server. It’s not because people break the rules that we got popular it’s because the staff and owners work hard to keep the server fair, clean, and overall topnotch. People like you get us reported, and it seriously this needs to stop. If you’re unhappy at least present real problems that can be fixed instead of creating malicious lies.

Thanks for reading this, and please think before you comment in the future.


Sorry about that, most of the admins would never do that, but its possible they were new and thought you were spamming. we usaully try to aoid those sorts of issues but they happen on occasion. If you you need any help let me know.


Hi @Dan3ger we have a rule here which is to not post 2 or more times in a row in the same thread with out break in a hour. If you want to add something you can always @ someone.


Ok sorry haven’t posted in a long time it will not happen in the future, and thaks for letting me know.


[naming and shaming - prove it to me privately, or stay silent - milla]