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Please get rid of this guy! OMG

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You would likely have more success sending a PM with any proof of damage done directly to Milla.


Yes, also, since this is apparently your world thread please include more information about the world in the first post.


A week in review

July 13
Thought I’d start with today for the first post.

  • A rebellion was formed and killed after a pvp match against starlight
  • We got hacked again, and with the same ghost block glitch. Luckily, with help of a mod named blackout, we were able to fix it
  • I also made a pixel art turtle
  • Finally, the railroad is now 56 tc to the left, and 92 tc on the right

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Thank goodness wumbo. Thank you

@WumboJumbo star and Andre aren’t regulars yet, odd


No problem! Just doing my job as a regular. :slight_smile:

There are some requirements to become a regular. Not just by being here for many months.


Today we had a meeting. We discussed many issues on our server and this is a summary of what is changing . ( this is not weekly update)
July 16
One of the first meeting on starlight skys. Less people than expected but still ok.
Main topics discussed include the building of skatepark and boat races, mazes and build battles. Activities already in the server include chess.
Please stop building on mountains, we are trying to remove them.
We are also adding jobs.
Players:Cave troll finder, demolitionist for hire, House builder, pixel art builder, railroad builder, mountain breaker
Staff Only: gm giver
Hacking for players under staff will result in ban
Cursing is prohibited everyone. Try using road rage
New rules
Admins: same rules as mods. no editing welcome message or spawn, no banning unless a normal player is hacking, give starter and hotel rooms
Mod: no banning unless a regular player is hacking, no noob hating, no abusing powers
Pvp feature, coming soon
That’s all. Hope you can make the next meeting staff. And new players, enjoy our improvements to the server

From fretusfrater
Note: this is a summary and not all statements may be as nice as they sound


Thank u ever so much fret for this summary


So profanity IS allowed now? Or did you mean to say that it is prohibited for everyone?


Profanity is no longer allowed for anyone. Admins will be punished for breaking this rule as well


What does this mean if I may ask?


Yes strider. We will get complaints about this, but our server does not discriminate kind hackers. We are adding the no hack rule for normal players to reduce the number of hack attacks on the server


star really receives a lot of griefing :frowning: hope you guys get it fixed and back up again I want to start playing on again , I remember being in the creation of SS2 I was in the process of a world limit tower or some like that but my servers took up my time & i forgot :frowning: so much has been happening I can’t wait to visit and put some time in it


Nope definitely haven’t seen you around. Definely not today, just not possible :laughing:


So staff is allowed to hack and give out godmod to whoever asks but players can’t hack?
And you mean to say that this entire time profanity was permitted, only until now??

Just a friendly reminder that rules, general info, etc. should be in the first post of this thread.
You can revise the rules here.


This is just an overview of a meeting done today.
The no curse rule was put down, but not enforced until today
And only staff can hack to reduce the number of hack attacks, as said before


I think hacking is completely wrong, but this is your server, so I will respectfully disagree.

You aren’t actually hacking, you’re using someone else’s hacks. I would play on your server if staff didn’t hack.


Thank you for disagreeing in a respectable manner.
I would like to say that while I can’t change your opinion, we have very friendly staff members who all have a certain thing they can do better than anyone else, and we work together off of it


I’m completely against hacking. Trust me. This server is well run by @Starlight1 and @Andre_Lee. It’s a great place to make friends and communicate. Probably one of the greatest servers I’ve ever seen.