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Hello everybody, Potato here, today, I would like to create this topic about Starlight Skys Meetings as, I feel, for people who missed the meetings that may have occurred, they still need to remain informed on these topics and changes. I would initially like to request that anyone who is commonly active on Starlight Skys would put this on watching so that if anyone here makes a point or if I add/post something here, u shall receive notifications. Keep in mind that I’m hoping to be able to update this every time we do a meeting…
A special thank u to @Frater_Universe for this idea!
Also… I Got Andre Lee’s permission to do this so please don’t complain! :stuck_out_tongue:


Tytonidus shall become mod (he has been very active and helpful)

Rule changes:
Normal rules: Don’t abuse PvP system
Mod rules: Give starters, Don’t hate on noobs, Don’t ban without reason, Help new players
Admin rules: Follow all mod rules, Don’t edit welcome message without permission, If you change the PvP status, change it to what it should be

More jobs:
TC finder (only trusted admins can get this job, they are people who rummage through the belongings of others to find illegal items like Tc safes as this server is highly against that idea)
Cave troll finder
Pixel art maker
Unused buildings destroyer (this has a similar rule to Tc finder)

More activities and events
Skateparks (rail handcars)
Organised PvP battles
Chess games
Boat or handcar races
Roller coaster building competition (rails)

Also, we are planning to implement a new PvP system! We may make this server permanently on PvP however, u can only fight if the other would like to… hence the upcoming rule, don’t abuse PvP…

In addition to this we will be adding places to build… (Maybe sky cities)

Keep in mind that all of these things were discussed and may not actually be implemented! So if anyone sees someone complaining that something is not in the server, it very well may not be!

Also, if anyone knows any people’s forums name who plays frequently here… Please tell me down in the comments section!

@Starlight1, @Andre_Lee, @Strider_the_boss, @Nolel, @Granx, @Tytonidus, @Frater_Universe


Andre and Starlight are the ones to decide such a trusted job… I’m afraid I’m not the person to give jobs out…



  1. i already did this, just not as well
  2. We’re gonna get complaints because this isn’t in our forums thread


  1. ok
  2. We are still gonna get complaints tho

  1. I’m ever so sorry, I’ll mention u at the top about this idea, if u have any problems, please tell me
  2. I got andre’s permission to make this about the meetings, I’m also planning to do this for all meetings

How about if I write that I Got Andre’s permission to do this? Cuz then I can tell them that I had explicitly written that.



Never been to Starlight Skys, but I’ll check it out! It sounds pretty cool :smile:


It indeed is!
You can actually do nearly whatever u want there, it’s a very free/open server, however it’s WHITE listed at times (hackers… UGH…)


This is a great idea @Potato68_Lyfe but I think this is supposed to go in the Starlight Sky’s 2 thread. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I may not be accurate.


Who gives out jobs? And do you have to be admin to be the building destroyer?


The staff do and I’m not sure.


Staff gives out jobs, and any player can be a building breaker.

@Superfalcon123, if you are hired, yes.

@Potato68_Lyfe Told you. The floof knight has merged our post


Can I loot the buildings? :lol:


You’re correct, and I have merged the threads :slight_smile:


May I have the link so I may find it? There seem to be a lot of Starlight Sky copies :laughing:


pm proto :wink:


Thank u milla!

I was unsure of what to do really, so, I guess this helps?

Also… @Frater_Universe
the floof knight… that’s hilarious XD


That means that you don’t mind having illegal TC safes on the server… Is that correct?


No, we are prosecuting illegal tc found on the server. He said that the server does not agree with hacked tc. Very difficult wording, but that’s just how potato types


Some people just don’t know the real starlight sky’s 2.



Mummy whats your intention?

You dont even play on the server.

Why do you care?

It seems that you are trying to find something to make our image bad.

Am I right??? Oh I know your answer. It will be: No.


Hey, did the server become private or anything? I joined a few hours ago but it says I need to be whitelisted to join now :confused: