Starlight skys 3


We will be opening Starlight Skys 3 the day of the new update coming.So excited !

Starlight Sky’s 3
Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated
Sharing pixel art
Sharing pixel art

ayyyyyy hopefully king youss gets a close area to spawn


Cool, I’ll be sure to visit along with all the other cool upcoming servers! :slight_smile:


A new one! Awesome i will be sure to join.


May I be a mod like I was on Starlight Skys 2? I can’t wait for this server!


The spawn from what I remember looked amazing. The local builds are much better spaced this time as well, and the first buildings you see aren’t an eyesore which is nice


Hooray! So excited!


Hey Star! I’m excited too. :slight_smile:


So is this out today?


I found it in the search and joined, so yes. :slight_smile:



Wuz da pass


Sharing pixel art


Building and flower made by Music


Cool. :slight_smile:


Oh you’re revealing my tag in the :rose:
Am I famous now? XD


Hi starlight, are you active on the forums??


Does anyone here know me??

Besides Shadow and Starlight

Hi Shadow, can you guess who this is?


I remember you Dom, you used to play on Survival Plains, right?


Hi Dom nice to have you on forum


Pixel art