Starlight skys 3


i just checked tthe server and its close and reason and when will it be open back


Hi server is open it’s Starlight skys 3


now its time to join back!


it’s because it was on whitelist. sorry!


Cloudss here! I just joined. I got banned though because of whitelist. Please add me @Starlight1


Sorry it’s usally whitelisted at night if no Staff is on because of hackers taking many pics at spawn area and it takes awhile to craft all the pictures again


Can i get whitelisted my ign is build itme


@Sugarflop it was white listed


It says that sometimes when it kicks you out, try again and see if it still says that.


When they whitelisted it it told everyone they were banned unless they were whitelisted if it still says banned idk


We whitelisted Server


Somehow I still can join :smiley:
craymoss was so active.


Sometimes we whitelist server at night.


Server is ready for Halloween come visit


Halloween yay!




Hi Snow hru ?


good wbu? :smiley:


I’m good server should be open soon I whitelisted we got griefed early morning so been fixing a lot.

Hacker killed me and stole my base