Starlight skys 3


tries to think back
Or are you just Blizzard/Frosty @Snow_Leopard
Yay that’s my purple panda gem in the background
Suggestion for @Starlight1 try to include more of it. They only want the purple panda XD


I’m no blizzard or frosty :slight_smile:


Yayyy it’s now open!


Hi Zen I had it whitelisted because we got griefed so I had to fix.


YAYYYYY @Starlight1 APPRECIATION DAY, GUYS! COMMON DOWN TO THE SERVER: (say something nice to star though, it’ll make a tickle in her belly, I hope)
Play, build, laugh on ss3
(Holiday added by @shadowolf)
Don’t judge my grammar, or whatever it is because I wrote it really quickly.
OOF, can I even get on today? I have a crud ton of HW (feels like it)… Find out when you join and hopefully see me on ss3, tonight on SSCHANNEL at some time


Shadow thank you so much to for all your help and support on server and as my friend :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::hugs:


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Wanted to share a beautiful build from D1nghead one of our admins image|666x500


You don’t do this for me :joy:
I built marble lines with signs w/smileys and two ice torches, I mean snowmen that bite back if you try to touch it (frosty), smileys with cheap blocks.


Guys, the voting season has reset! Don’t forget to vote for the one and only Starlight Sky’s 3!


Thank you Shadow :hugs:


Hi everyone we opened Starlight Skys 4 tonight come visit if you get time


Oof. I thought I could get there for the grand opening. Oh well, there’s hopefully ss5 XD
Anyways, you gonna make the new thread for ss4?


You have your panda spot Shadow lol


Good enough


So this server is now closed?


Hi Zen it’s whitelisted at the moment come visit us on Starlight Skys 4


I know everyone is voting for ss3 (and we’d like to thank you), but SS4 is already out! Surprise! Vote for ss4!


Why not vote for both?xD


Yay pleas make a thread for SS4