Stats, Levels, and Preferences!




*Each level slightly increases the damage your blockhead deals to people and animals.
*Each level slightly increases the stack amount of items you can carry. (99+ amount of level in strength blocks) or (105 oranges on level 6 = 99+6)

*Very slightly increases movement speed (0.5 increase in speed)
*0.5 increase speed of hitting things
*Slightly increases energy.

*Either slightly decreases the amount of damage you take or add 2 hitpoints (Take less damage from anything, like resisting weather, fall damage, blockheads, and animals.) or (Increased health for having more health when you get hit.)

*Increases crafting speed slightly.
*Your blockhead thinks less (If the blockhead is going far, he will stop standing around thinking about that for less time.)


You have levels in your stats, and you have main levels. Main levels are all the levels your stats have combined. You earn levels in stats by doing “stat increase” stuff, (Like moving around increases speed, hitting increases strength, traveling far distances and crafting increases intelligence, and taking damage increases defense.

Each level should have 1000 exp to earn, and not increase the amount of exp you need to level up because it gets kinda tedious and boring.


Preferences is what you want to specialize in. For example, if you are a person who fights a lot, you can choose fighter which slightly increases strength and slightly defense, And if one of your Blockheads are in your base often, they would be good for a tank. A tank heavily increases defense and increases slightly strength but moderately decreases speed, and if you’re a peacemaker, you should choose Runner moderately increases speed for helping you escape blockheads who try to fight you. :slight_smile:


World War III in the making.


Fallout 76 wants to know your location.


I’m not sure if this is possible, because, if I’m right, that’s just the game planning a route from A to B. This can take more time depending on how far away the location is, and the more obstacles that are in the way—and it (the program) has to check if the location is actually reachable, and not behind a steel door or in the reach of a jetpack. It also may have to go through more of these routes (you may have a jetpack or there might be a tunnel under a building) to find the fastest one.

Or, I could be wrong. That’s really likely in my case.


I was gonna post that,
But yeah,
How about being able to tame animals faster?