Steam Deck and Steam Machine

Continuing the discussion from Walled Garden Platforms:

Just as a disclaimer: I had to create a new topic for this because I wasn’t allowed to post another reply to the “Walled Garden Platforms” topic.

I assume you still stand by that opinion. Do you think the Steam Deck will fail as a result of the fact that it doesn’t use a walled garden business model?

As a side note, the Steam Machine was a failure, but for different reasons.

It’s certainly an interesting move by Valve for sure since they are certainly producing these at a loss, as is the case with most game platforms.

I have a number of non-PC gaming friends who have already expressed interest in the Steam Deck, so I will like the platform will definitely expand the Steam market game. I also think many will mod their Steam Decks to run Windows rather than SteamOS which would be very hurtful to Valve’s bottom line.

Basically it comes down to that I don’t know if Valve will be able to support this thing long term or not, but it will certainly be good for the health of ‘PC’ gaming